BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
common/ipa-str-reorgThis is a set of fixes that allow instance interleavingGary Oblock12 months
common/ipa-str-reorg-v2Added new case in code to count the number of dynamic allocationsGary Oblock13 months
common/ipa-str-reorg-v3Some cleanup work. Fixed one problem with unit test 10_30.Gary Oblock12 months
common/ipa-str-reorg-v4Final bit of cleanup for a while.Gary Oblock9 months
erick/ipa-str-reorgreturnErick Ochoa18 months
erick/type-escape-analysis-mergeRefactored code works in mcfErick Ochoa17 months
erick/type-playgroundtype walkerErick Ochoa17 months
gcc_master_new7fixes issue with gcc_rErick Ochoa10 months
gcc_master_new8Fixes errors created during STL migrationErick Ochoa10 months
masteropenmp: Implement discovery of implicit declare target to clausesJakub Jelinek17 months