BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
common/ipa-str-reorgThis is a set of fixes that allow instance interleavingGary Oblock12 months
common/ipa-str-reorg-v2Added new case in code to count the number of dynamic allocationsGary Oblock13 months
common/ipa-str-reorg-v3Some cleanup work. Fixed one problem with unit test 10_30.Gary Oblock12 months
common/ipa-str-reorg-v4Final bit of cleanup for a while.Gary Oblock8 months
erick/ipa-str-reorgreturnErick Ochoa18 months
erick/type-escape-analysis-mergeRefactored code works in mcfErick Ochoa17 months
erick/type-playgroundtype walkerErick Ochoa17 months
gcc_master_new7fixes issue with gcc_rErick Ochoa10 months
gcc_master_new8Fixes errors created during STL migrationErick Ochoa10 months
masteropenmp: Implement discovery of implicit declare target to clausesJakub Jelinek17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-05-12openmp: Implement discovery of implicit declare target to clausesHEADmasterJakub Jelinek
2020-05-12Fold &MEM[0 + CST]->a.b.c to a constantRichard Biener
2020-05-12tree-optimization/95045 - fix SM with exit exiting multiple loopsRichard Biener
2020-05-12Actually comment the new testsUlrich Drepper
2020-05-12Implent C++20 std::atomic_flag::testUlrich Drepper
2020-05-11rs6000: Built-in cleanups for vec_clzm, vec_ctzm, and vec_gnbKelvin Nilsen
2020-05-11rs6000: Add xxgenpcvwm and xxgenpcvdmCarl Love
2020-05-11runtime: fix TestCallersNilPointerPaniceric fang
2020-05-11syscall: append to environment in tests, don't clobber itIan Lance Taylor
2020-05-12Daily bump.GCC Administrator