AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-04Final bit of cleanup for a while.common/ipa-str-reorg-v4Gary Oblock
2021-02-04More cleanup.Gary Oblock
2021-02-04Some cleanup.Gary Oblock
2021-02-04This is now correctly compiling Mcf with the instance interleavingGary Oblock
2021-01-29Mcf compiling to completion (it crashes at run time.)Gary Oblock
2021-01-28Some changes to deal with the regression of test_09_23.Gary Oblock
2021-01-27Some fixes (though test_09_24 regressed.)Gary Oblock
2021-01-21Added a type related transformation for conditions.Gary Oblock
2021-01-20One more bug fix. This leaves the dangling modified type issueGary Oblock
2021-01-20More minor fixes for Mcf.Gary Oblock
2021-01-12Another type modification related bug fix.Gary Oblock
2021-01-05Cleaning up the code a bit resulted in another fix.Gary Oblock
2021-01-05Fixed a bug in find_and_create_all_modified_types. TheGary Oblock
2020-12-31The unit tests except for mcf all pass and I'm gettingGary Oblock
2020-12-12Need to save things in stable but still slightly broken stateGary Oblock
2020-12-07Unit test 10_30 now works... this brings things a lot closerGary Oblock
2020-11-30Changes to determine what types need to be modified and what theGary Oblock
2020-11-08Changes so my code works corretly with Erick's escape analysis.Gary Oblock
2020-11-05This is the const_tree to const transformation.Gary Oblock
2020-11-04The changes to my files for Erick's escape analysis.Gary Oblock
2020-11-03Last changes form v3.Gary Oblock
2020-10-30making sure gcc buildsErick Ochoa
2020-10-30Add heuristic to take into account void* pattern.Erick Ochoa
2020-10-30Abort if Gimple produced from C++ or Fortran sources is found.Erick Ochoa
2020-10-30Add documentation for dead field eliminationErick Ochoa
2020-10-30Add Field ReorderingErick Ochoa
2020-10-30Add Dead Field EliminationErick Ochoa
2020-10-30Dead-field warning in structs at LTO-timeErick Ochoa
2020-10-28Cosmetic.Gary Oblock
2020-10-27Added realloc transformation.Gary Oblock
2020-10-27Added calloc transformation.Gary Oblock
2020-10-27The free transformation.Gary Oblock
2020-10-26Two minor fixes.Gary Oblock
2020-10-25Added structure assignment transformation.Gary Oblock
2020-10-23Created make_transformed_ref out of code the the transformationGary Oblock
2020-10-22The last real unit test bug was fixed. One unit test requires a newGary Oblock
2020-10-21Fix in declaration processing in modify_decl_core.Gary Oblock
2020-10-20Almost every unit test is working now. Added changesGary Oblock
2020-10-15Added a routine to help determine the number of times a functionGary Oblock
2020-10-13A change in how to recognize that a function is part of theGary Oblock
2020-10-12Fix for unit tests 01_09a and 06_05.Gary Oblock
2020-10-12Minor fixes for old unit test failures. Note, multilevel indirectionGary Oblock
2020-10-09The changes fro v1. They were to performance qualificationGary Oblock
2020-10-08ipa-dloErick Ochoa
2020-10-08add build scriptErick Ochoa
2020-10-08Updating everythingErick Ochoa
2020-09-03test/rs6000: Replace test targets p8 and p9+Kewen Lin
2020-09-04Daily bump.GCC Administrator
2020-09-03sra: Avoid SRAing if there is an aout-of-bounds access (PR 96820)Martin Jambor
2020-09-03[PATCH, rs6000] Fix vector long long subtype (PR96139)Will Schmidt