AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-12openmp: Implement discovery of implicit declare target to clausesHEADmasterJakub Jelinek
2020-05-12Fold &MEM[0 + CST]->a.b.c to a constantRichard Biener
2020-05-12tree-optimization/95045 - fix SM with exit exiting multiple loopsRichard Biener
2020-05-12Actually comment the new testsUlrich Drepper
2020-05-12Implent C++20 std::atomic_flag::testUlrich Drepper
2020-05-11rs6000: Built-in cleanups for vec_clzm, vec_ctzm, and vec_gnbKelvin Nilsen
2020-05-11rs6000: Add xxgenpcvwm and xxgenpcvdmCarl Love
2020-05-11runtime: fix TestCallersNilPointerPaniceric fang
2020-05-11syscall: append to environment in tests, don't clobber itIan Lance Taylor
2020-05-12Daily bump.GCC Administrator
2020-05-11compiler: use const std::string& in a couple of placesIan Lance Taylor
2020-05-11rs6000: Vector string isolate instructionsKelvin Nilsen
2020-05-11rs6000: Add xxeval and vec_ternarylogicKelvin Nilsen
2020-05-11rs6000: Add pdepd and pextdKelvin Nilsen
2020-05-11rs6000: Add vclrlb and vclrrbKelvin Nilsen
2020-05-11Fix change log ordering from previous commitBill Schmidt
2020-05-11Update gcc .po files.Joseph Myers
2020-05-11rs6000: Add cntlzdm and cnttzdmKelvin Nilsen
2020-05-11c++: Fix specialization of constrained member template.Jason Merrill
2020-05-11c++: tree walk into TYPENAME_TYPE.Jason Merrill
2020-05-11c++: Better diagnostic in converted const expr.Jason Merrill
2020-05-11c++: Use of 'this' in parameter declaration [PR90748]Jason Merrill
2020-05-11PR fortran/95053 - ICE in gfc_divide(): Bad basic typeHarald Anlauf
2020-05-11c++: Make references to __cxa_pure_virtual weak.Jason Merrill
2020-05-11c++: Improve print_tree of static_assert.Jason Merrill
2020-05-11c++: Remove redundant code.Jason Merrill
2020-05-11c++: Remove LOOKUP_EXPLICIT_TMPL_ARGS.Jason Merrill
2020-05-11c++: Tweak VLA representation.Jason Merrill
2020-05-11c++: Avoid unnecessary deprecated warnings.Jason Merrill
2020-05-11i386: Add V2SFmode sqrt insn pattern [PR95046]Uros Bizjak
2020-05-11libbacktrace: declare getpagesize if necessaryIan Lance Taylor
2020-05-11rs6000: Add vcfuged instructionKelvin Nilsen
2020-05-11rs6000: Add scalar cfuged instructionKelvin Nilsen
2020-05-11tree-optimization/95049 - fix not terminating RPO VN iterationRichard Biener
2020-05-11tree-pretty-print: Handle boolean typesRichard Sandiford
2020-05-11rs6000: Add vgnbKelvin Nilsen
2020-05-11rs6000: Add vector pdep/pextKelvin Nilsen
2020-05-11rs6000: Add vector count under maskKelvin Nilsen
2020-05-11tree-optimization/94988 - enhance SM some moreRichard Biener
2020-05-11[Fortran] Fix/modify present() handling for assumed-shape optional (PR 94672)Tobias Burnus
2020-05-11i386: Improve basic vectorized V2SFmode operations [PR95046]Uros Bizjak
2020-05-11aarch64: Fix ICE when expanding scalar floating move with -mgeneral-regs-only...Fei Yang
2020-05-11[PATCH] aarch64: prefer using csinv, csneg in zero extend contextsAlex Coplan
2020-05-11Fix missing files from previous commit.Kelvin Nilsen
2020-05-11rs6000: powerpc_future_ok and powerpc_future_hwKelvin Nilsen
2020-05-11Revert "libstdc++ Enhance thread safety of debug mode iterators"Fran├žois Dumont
2020-05-11testsuite: Require gnu-tm support for pr94856.CKito Cheng
2020-05-11i386: Vectorize basic V2SFmode operations [PR94913]Uros Bizjak
2020-05-11Fortran : Spurious warning message with -Wsurprising PR59107Mark Eggleston
2020-05-11Fix typo in fprofile-prefix-path.Martin Liska