AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-08This is a set of fixes that allow instance interleavingcommon/ipa-str-reorgGary Oblock
2020-09-30Something to test to mcf for performance qualification.Gary Oblock
2020-09-30The perf qualification code, all there. Only partially workingGary Oblock
2020-09-24All the changes from the other branch plus a few changes to helpGary Oblock
2020-09-18Debug code for 2nd malloc insanity with the basic blocks.Gary Oblock
2020-09-14Just saving work in progressGary Oblock
2020-09-10Some preliminary code for performance qualification ofGary Oblock
2020-09-07The phi case for setting a pointer to zero.Gary Oblock
2020-09-05Fixed bug that cropped up with inlining on. I needed to add a resultGary Oblock
2020-08-28The unit test test_08_20c now works. There was some majorGary Oblock
2020-08-19Cleaned up the transformations so I can better base theGary Oblock
2020-08-19Fixed some bugs seen in unit tests. Units tests still have issuesGary Oblock
2020-08-12More clean up.Gary Oblock
2020-08-12A little clean up of the code.Gary Oblock
2020-08-11Final bug fixes to get hello world working.Gary Oblock
2020-08-05Fixed multiple bugs.Gary Oblock
2020-07-22Put in fairly general wolf_fence mechanism.Gary Oblock
2020-07-21Fixed two errors of omission (stub functions needed bodies.)Gary Oblock
2020-07-14Added decl printing tp print_program.Gary Oblock
2020-07-14Added fix for changing the type of ssa temps.Gary Oblock
2020-07-09Operand type bug fixes.Gary Oblock
2020-07-07Modified print_program to print BB successors and edge flags.Gary Oblock
2020-07-02Lots of small fixes regarding the CFG and CG.Gary Oblock
2020-06-29bug fixes for ssa temps (in progress)Gary Oblock
2020-06-26Dangling ssa temps are now delt with.Gary Oblock
2020-06-26works in profile optimizationsErick Ochoa
2020-06-26disable static intialization of constructorsErick Ochoa
2020-06-26still not working on x264Erick Ochoa
2020-06-26lots of logging but mcf training had no runtime errorsErick Ochoa
2020-06-26cleanupErick Ochoa
2020-06-26I think I need to reorganize which types are sent to the reconstructorErick Ochoa
2020-06-26main variantErick Ochoa
2020-06-26mem ref offsetErick Ochoa
2020-06-26mcf is working on our pass but fails on anotherErick Ochoa
2020-06-25I finally got a working element assign idiom. Note, the mini pass for dangle ...Gary Oblock
2020-06-24Added transform for pointer plus int. Added mini-pass for dangling SSA temps.Gary Oblock
2020-06-24a bit of cleanupGary Oblock
2020-06-22I feel so close yet so far away... Element access almost works but is trippin...Gary Oblock
2020-06-19had to rewrite a part of element access code... and it's not working yetGary Oblock
2020-06-19element access code in place but not functionalGary Oblock
2020-06-18feature parityErick Ochoa
2020-06-18deleting writes to fieldErick Ochoa
2020-06-18better type accessorErick Ochoa
2020-06-18fixes memrefErick Ochoa
2020-06-18everything good until memrefErick Ochoa
2020-06-18return typeErick Ochoa
2020-06-18arguments are workingErick Ochoa
2020-06-17part of the reorg type element access transformationGary Oblock
2020-06-17relayout typeErick Ochoa
2020-06-17wipErick Ochoa