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2018-10-17noloopalias: Replace noalias with noloopalias.HEADgcc-7_3_0-amp4gcc-7_3_0-amp-branchChristoph Muellner
2018-10-17cfgloopmanip: Allow forced creation of loop preheaders.Christoph Muellner
2018-10-17cfgloop: Fix FOR_EACH_LOOP_FN() macro.Christoph Muellner
2018-10-17Introduce new command line flag -funroll-more.Christoph Muellner
2018-10-17Revert "tree-predcom: Do more unrolling if -fnoalias flag is set."Christoph Muellner
2018-10-17tree-vect-slp: Enable vectorization when -fvectorize-more is given.Dominik Inführ
2018-10-15Revert "tree-vect-slp: Enable vectorization when -fnoalias is given."Christoph Muellner
2018-10-15funcse: Improve helper string for -funcse.Christoph Muellner
2018-10-04[aarch64] Add CPU support for Ampere Computing's eMAG.Christoph Muellner
2018-06-13Revert "[nomainline] Turn on -frename-registers for -O2."Christoph Muellner
2018-06-13Revert "tree-ssa-cpp: Initalize loop optimizer."Christoph Muellner
2018-05-31aarch64: Fixing code style issues of retpoline changes.Christoph Muellner
2018-05-24aarch64: Optimize retpoline (Spectre-V2 mitigation) for aarch64.Christoph Muellner
2018-04-27Revert "2017-10-24 Richard Biener <>"Christoph Muellner
2018-04-27Avoid assembler warnings from AArch64 constructor/destructor priorities.jsm28
2018-04-27tree-cfg: Store gimple_build_nop () instead of NULL.Dominik Inführ
2018-04-27tree-ssa-cpp: Initalize loop optimizer.Dominik Inführ
2018-04-27Added clone functions to duplicated passes.Benedikt Huber
2018-04-27[nomainline] Turn on -frename-registers for -O2.Benedikt Huber
2018-04-27uncse: Added pass to undo common subexpression elimination.Dominik Inführ
2018-04-27tree-ssa-list-find-pipeline: Add pipelining loads for list finds.Benedikt Huber
2018-04-27tree-predcom: Do more unrolling if -fnoalias flag is set.Dominik Inführ
2018-04-27tree-vect-slp: Adapt calculation of scalar cost.Dominik Inführ
2018-04-27tree-vect-slp: Enable vectorization when -fnoalias is given.Dominik Inführ
2018-04-27Adding -fnoalias to delcare non-aliasing on function level.Philipp Tomsich
2018-04-27aarch64: X-Gene: Adapt tuning struct for GCC 7.Dominik Inführ
2018-04-27aarch64: X-Gene: Updated scheduling model for GCC 7.Philipp Tomsich
2018-04-27aarch64: Xgene: Procedural cost-model for X-Gene processors.Dominik Inführ
2018-04-27aarch64: Fix and<mode>3_zeroextend case (20040709-1.s regression).Philipp Tomsich
2018-04-27aarch64: Optimize and(s) patterns for HI/QI operands.Philipp Tomsich
2018-04-27aarch64: Extend '*tb<optab><mode>1'.Philipp Tomsich
2018-04-27aarch64: Correct the maximum shift amount for shifted operands.Philipp Tomsich
2018-04-27aarch64: Retpoline (Spectre-V2 mitigation) for aarch64.Christoph Muellner
2018-01-25Update ChangeLog and version files for releaserguenth
2018-01-25Daily bump.gccadmin
2018-01-24Daily bump.gccadmin
2018-01-23libgcc: xtensa: fix NaN return from add/sub/mul/div helpersjcmvbkbc
2018-01-23 PR rtl-optimization/81443ebotcazou
2018-01-23Daily bump.gccadmin
2018-01-22 * es.po: Update.jsm28
2018-01-22Daily bump.gccadmin
2018-01-21 Backport from mainlineolegendo
2018-01-21Daily bump.gccadmin
2018-01-202018-01-20 Steven G. Kargl <>kargl
2018-01-202018-01-19 Steven G. Kargl <>kargl
2018-01-20Daily bump.gccadmin
2018-01-192018-01-19 Steven G. Kargl <>kargl
2018-01-19PR libstdc++/83834 replace wildcard pattern in linker scriptredi
2018-01-19Daily bump.gccadmin