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2017-03-01[libcxxabi] Clean up macro usage.Ranjeet Singh
2017-03-01[libc++abi] Clean up visibilityShoaib Meenai
2017-03-01Fix non-reserved macro names LIBCXXABI_NORETURN and LIBCXXABI_ARM_EHABI.Eric Fiselier
2016-12-05[libc++abi] Add _LIBCXXABI_DISABLE_VISIBILITY_ANNOTATIONSShoaib Meenai
2016-09-27[libc++abi] Default to DLL annotations on WindowsShoaib Meenai
2016-05-26libc++abi: build with -fvisibility=hiddenSaleem Abdulrasool
2015-12-04ibc++abi: mark visibilitySaleem Abdulrasool
2015-12-04c++abi: whitespace adjustmentSaleem Abdulrasool
2015-06-02Implement uncaught_exceptions() to get a count, rather than a bool. Update th...Marshall Clow
2015-04-24libc++abi: remove the duplicated unwind contentSaleem Abdulrasool
2015-02-13unwind: always export unw_local_addr_spaceSaleem Abdulrasool
2015-02-12unwind: move exported APIs out of headerSaleem Abdulrasool
2015-02-05[libcxxabi] Fix -Werror build for 32-bit non-ARM.Dan Albert
2015-02-05Some more -Wundef issues.Dan Albert
2015-02-05Enable -Wundef.Dan Albert
2015-02-04Whitespace cleanup.Dan Albert
2015-01-22Fix _Unwind_Backtrace for libc++abi built with libgcc.Logan Chien
2015-01-22Remove _Unwind_{Get,Set}{GR,IP} from ARM EHABI build.Logan Chien
2014-12-20[libunwind] improve x86_64 comments in compact_unwind_encoding.hNick Kledzik
2014-12-20[libunwind] fix comment in compact_unwind_encoding.hNick Kledzik
2014-12-18[libcxxabi] Add __cxa_thread_atexit for TLS support on Linux.Dan Albert
2014-10-27Fix unicode chars into ascii in comment lines.NAKAMURA Takumi
2014-10-13Correctly export _Unwind_[GS]et(GR|IP) for EHABI.Dan Albert
2014-09-11Adding ABI support for __cxa_throw_bad_array_new_length.Aaron Ballman
2014-08-29Make _Unwind_Backtrace() work on ARM.Dan Albert
2014-06-25Land support for ARM EHABI unwinding for libunwind.Nico Weber
2014-06-25Start landing support for ARM EHABI unwinding.Nico Weber
2014-05-10Implement ARM EHABI exception handling.Logan Chien
2014-05-08Fixes more incorrect #ifs for SJ/LJ exceptionsJonathan Roelofs
2014-04-24Remove unused/obsolete ARM64 constantsNick Kledzik
2014-04-23Fixes incorrect #ifs for SJ/LJ exceptionsDan Albert
2014-01-30[libunwind] remove stray conditionalNick Kledzik
2013-12-18Add a first cut at a Registers_arm class, to be used for 32bit arm EHABI unwi...Nico Weber
2013-11-01Rename LIBUNWIND_AVAIL to LIBUNWIND_UNAVAIL so as to not conflict with other ...Nick Kledzik
2013-10-17unwinder: conditionalise availabilitySaleem Abdulrasool
2013-10-07libcxxabi contains the runtime support for C++. But, as some folks have Nick Kledzik
2013-06-17Tweaks/cleanups provided by Matthew DempskyHoward Hinnant
2013-04-10Add capability to demangle invocation functions for ObjC blocks.Howard Hinnant
2012-03-19I've moved __cxa_terminate_handler, __cxa_unexpected_handler and __cxa_new_ha...Howard Hinnant
2012-03-14Enable __arm__ on appleHoward Hinnant
2012-02-23I had originally made the handler function pointers a static internal detail,...Howard Hinnant
2012-02-17Add (reluctantly) a namespace alias for __cxxabiv1.Howard Hinnant
2012-02-02Work on restricting symbol visibility.Howard Hinnant
2012-02-02Add version number to this library so we can recognize when we're using it.Howard Hinnant
2012-01-30Put throw() clauses back on these functions in cxxabi.h. This header must be...Howard Hinnant
2012-01-24By changing all of the throw() specs to noexcept I've been able to compile an...Howard Hinnant
2011-12-21Added __cxa_increment_exception_refcount, __cxa_decrement_exception_refcount,...Howard Hinnant
2011-12-15Fixed several bugs, implemented support for vector types, and cleaned out dea...Howard Hinnant
2011-08-08Silence some -Wall warnings pointed out by Marshall ClowHoward Hinnant
2011-08-02make cxxabi.h safe for C code to includeNick Kledzik