AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-03Drop 'svn' suffix from the version number.llvm_60-amp-20180630release_60-f1b37feef3d-amp-20180630Hans Wennborg
2018-01-03Creating release_60 branch off revision 321711Hans Wennborg
2017-12-29Try again, this time with the correct addressJonathan Roelofs
2017-12-29Update CREDITS.txt with personal email addressJonathan Roelofs
2017-12-12[libcxxabi] Pass LIBCXXABI_SYSROOT and LIBCXXABI_GCC_TOOLCHAIN to litPetr Hosek
2017-12-04[libcxxabi] Set up .arcconfig to point to new Diffusion CXXA repositoryBen Hamilton
2017-11-30[libc++abi] Add install-cxxabi-stripped targetShoaib Meenai
2017-11-28Insert padding before the __cxa_exception header to ensure the thrownAkira Hatanaka
2017-11-22[demangler] Support for abi_tag attributeErik Pilkington
2017-11-21[demangler] Document some features that the demangler doesn't yet support, NFCErik Pilkington
2017-11-17[libcxxabi][CMake] Provide option to disable installing of the libraryPetr Hosek
2017-11-17[CMake][libcxxabi] Support merging objects when statically linking unwinderPetr Hosek
2017-11-13Remove excess whitespace from syslog message; NFCStephan Bergmann
2017-09-14Fix ASAN build with older compiler-rt versions.Eric Fiselier
2017-09-14[libc++abi] Fix ASAN build with older compiler-rt versions.Eric Fiselier
2017-09-13Reland "When built with ASan, __cxa_throw calls __asan_handle_no_return"Petr Hosek
2017-09-06Revert "[libcxxabi] When built with ASan, __cxa_throw calls __asan_handle_no_...Petr Hosek
2017-09-06[libcxxabi] When built with ASan, __cxa_throw calls __asan_handle_no_returnPetr Hosek
2017-08-16Revert "[libcxxabi] When built with ASan, __cxa_throw calls __asan_handle_no_...Petr Hosek
2017-08-16[libcxxabi] When built with ASan, __cxa_throw calls __asan_handle_no_returnPetr Hosek
2017-08-10[demangler] Fix some more -Wshadow warnings I missed in r310535Erik Pilkington
2017-08-09[demangler] Fix a bunch of -Wshadow warningsErik Pilkington
2017-08-09Mark test as unsupported c++98/03 to fix buildbotsErik Pilkington
2017-08-09[demangler] Improve representation of substitutions/templatesErik Pilkington
2017-08-08[demangler] Rename some variables, NFCErik Pilkington
2017-08-08[libc++abi] Use proper calling convention for TLS destructorShoaib Meenai
2017-08-06[demangler] Fix another oss-fuzz bugErik Pilkington
2017-08-01[demangler] Fix another bug found by oss-fuzz in r309340Erik Pilkington
2017-08-01[demangler] Use _LIBCPP_UNREACHABLE()Erik Pilkington
2017-07-31libcxxabi: Suppress LLVM_ENABLE_MODULESNAKAMURA Takumi
2017-07-30[demangler] Fix some bugs in r309340 found by oss-fuzzErik Pilkington
2017-07-28[demangler] Fix some overzealous -Wreturn-type errorsErik Pilkington
2017-07-28[demangler] Attempt to fix linux bots, include <cstdio>Erik Pilkington
2017-07-28[demangler] Use an AST to represent demangled namesErik Pilkington
2017-07-19Update version to 6.0.0svnHans Wennborg
2017-07-13[demangler] Respect try_to_parse_template_argsErik Pilkington
2017-07-12Remove dependancy on __refstring header; use local copy instead.Eric Fiselier
2017-07-11[libcxxabi][CMake] Add install path variable to allow overriding the destinationPetr Hosek
2017-07-08[Demangler] NFC: Don't make the parse_* functions templatesErik Pilkington
2017-07-08[Demangler] NFC: Move Db struct to beginning of fileErik Pilkington
2017-07-06Fix incomplete type test on OS X; workaround weird DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH behaviorEric Fiselier
2017-06-22Add some catch(...) blocks to the tests so that if they fail, we get a good e...Marshall Clow
2017-06-15Use _LIBCPP_FALLTHROUGH() to avoid warnings about [[gnu::fallthrough]] being ...Eric Fiselier
2017-06-13Set a default value for LIBCXXABI_LIBDIR_SUFFIX, fixes installing into lib64 ...Ismail Donmez
2017-06-11build: use cmake to pass -std=c++11Saleem Abdulrasool
2017-06-11build: use POSITION_INDEPENDENT_CODE CMake propertySaleem Abdulrasool
2017-06-11cxa_demangle: fix -Wimplicit-fallthrough for GCC:7Saleem Abdulrasool
2017-06-11private_typeinfo: add missing field initializersSaleem Abdulrasool
2017-06-03[libcxxabi] HandleLLVMOptions in out of tree buildMartell Malone
2017-06-01[libcxxabi] Rework CMakeLists.txt into modulesMartell Malone