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2017-12-29Try again, this time with the correct addressJonathan Roelofs
2017-12-29Update CREDITS.txt with personal email addressJonathan Roelofs
2014-09-11Adding ABI support for __cxa_throw_bad_array_new_length.Aaron Ballman
2014-08-05Update CREDITS.txt with the list of folks who worked on ARM EHABI supportJonathan Roelofs
2013-07-02Updated CREDITS.TXTHoward Hinnant
2013-02-15Bruce Mitchener: Typo fixes.Howard Hinnant
2012-11-13Update CREDIT.TXTHoward Hinnant
2012-09-24Updating email addressMarshall Clow
2012-08-01Update CREDITS.TXTHoward Hinnant
2012-07-29Andrew Morrow: Mainline clang seems to have recently become more strict about...Howard Hinnant
2011-12-22credits adjustmentHoward Hinnant
2011-12-22Updated __cxa_current_exception_type to call __cxa_get_globals_fast - will no...Marshall Clow
2011-08-02Added kledzik to CREDITS.TXTNick Kledzik
2011-06-08Added Marshall to CREDITS.TXT as requestedMarshall Clow
2011-05-05initial importHoward Hinnant