AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-29Add fmt debug outputpuma-release-4.4.126-2018-04-12-peafowlJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-28Disable two non-ratelimited buffer debug messagesJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-28Correct image heightJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-28Getting a moving false-color imageJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-28Ratelimit CIF_ISP_PIC_SIZE_ERRORJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-28more clocks, more debug outputJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-25rk3399-puma-peafowl.dts: use tx1rx1 name consistentlyJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-24Add pclkJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-24isp1/v4l2: add lots of debug outputJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-24rockchip isp1: ratelimit "MIPI mis error" messagesJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-24[IN PROGRESS] rockchip isp1: tx1rx1 fixes for RK3399Jakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-24Add rk3399-puma-peafowl.dtsJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-14arm64: rockchip: rk3399-puma: enable memory frequency scalingJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-09arm64: rockchip: add rk3399-puma-spidev.dtsKlaus Goger
2018-05-09spi: rockchip: configure gpios from cs-gpiosKlaus Goger
2018-05-09spi: Add Flag to Enable Slave Select with GPIO Chip Select.Thor Thayer
2018-05-09spi: rockchip: Set GPIO_SS flag to enable Slave Select with GPIO CSJeffy Chen
2018-05-09arm64: dts: rockchip: set powerdomain for spi5 on rk3399Klaus Goger
2018-05-09Reduce SD IO Voltage to 3.0VKlaus Goger
2018-05-09Revert "spi: rockchip: set higher io driver when sclk higher than 24MHz"Jakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-09can: ucan: add driver for Theobroma Systems UCAN devicesJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-09rtc: isl1208: set uie_unsupportedJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-09brcmfmac: sleep workaround for AP6255 "Gopher" Wifi moduleJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-09drm/rockchip: increase vop selection message priorityJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-09drm/rockchip: dw-hdmi: downgrade "failed to set" message to infoJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-09brcmfmac: add support for BCM43455 with modalias sdio:c00v02D0dA9BFJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-05-09ASoC: sgtl5000: Use normal VAG ramp to reduce pop noiseKlaus Goger
2018-05-09Input: add driver for Silead touchscreensRobert Dolca
2018-05-09Remove .scmversion fileKlaus Goger
2018-05-09arm64: rockchip: add dts + defconfig for RK3399-Q7 (Puma) SoMJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-04-28Revert "clk: rockchip: rk3399: Fix clk_cifout and clk_cifout_src"Finley Xiao
2018-04-28arm64: rk3308_linux_defconfig: enable HARDLOCKUP_PANIC/PANIC_ON_OOPS and PANI...Tao Huang
2018-04-27arm64: dts: rockchip: Enable dmc for rk3308-evb-10 boardFinley Xiao
2018-04-27arm64: dts: rockchip: rk3368: add spdif nodeXinhuang Li
2018-04-27arm64: rockchip_defconfig: enable vop dump buf debug nodeShixiang Zheng
2018-04-27arm: rockchip_linux_defconfig: enable MALI_PWRSOFT_765 for midgard DDK r18Zhen Chen
2018-04-27arm: dts: rockchip: Change cpu opp-microvolt form one entry to threeFinley Xiao
2018-04-27ARM64: dts: rockchip: px5: fix pmu and ddr configs.Jason Song
2018-04-27ARM64: dts: rockchip: add ramoops support for rk3368-androidJason Song
2018-04-27drm/rockchip: add a debug node to dump buf from applicationShixiang Zheng
2018-04-27arm64: dts: rockchip: rk3326-evb-linux-lp3-v10: add the ov5695 for rk3326 mipiCaesar Wang
2018-04-27media: i2c: ov5695: initialize sensor driver after io_domainHu Kejun
2018-04-27BACKPORT: usb: gadget: add tracepoints to the gadget APIWilliam Wu
2018-04-27UPSTREAM: usb: gadget: move gadget API functions to udc-coreFelipe Balbi
2018-04-27arm: dts: rockchip: update tsadc's pinctrl for rk3288Rocky Hao
2018-04-27iommu/rockchip: support rk_iommu_map_sg for iommu opsSimon Xue
2018-04-27regulator: tps549b22: add TI TPS549b22 supportXiaoDong Huang
2018-04-26UPSTREAM: sched/core: Call __schedule() from do_idle() without enabling preem...Steven Rostedt (VMware)
2018-04-26arm64: dts: rockchip: support board-irdrop for rk3326-863 boardTony Xie
2018-04-26arm64: dts: rockchip: px30: modify voltage for gpu 200MHz and 300MhzFinley Xiao