AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-05Reduce SD IO Voltage to 3.0Vpuma-release-4.4-2018-01-11-gopherKlaus Goger
2018-01-29puma-rk3399_defconfig: enable BRCM driver for AP6255 WifiJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-01-29puma: workarounds for AP6255 wifi moduleJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-01-23can: ucan: update Kconfig help textJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-01-23gpio: start gpio numbers at zero againJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-01-12arm64: dts: rockchip: add DTS for RK3399-Q7 (Puma) SoMJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-01-12arm64: defconfig: add puma-rk3399 defconfigJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-01-12drm/rockchip: increase vop selection message priorityJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-01-12drm/rockchip: dw-hdmi: downgrade "failed to set" message to infoJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-01-12brcmfmac: add support for BCM43455 with modalias sdio:c00v02D0dA9BFJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-01-12ASoC: sgtl5000: Use normal VAG ramp to reduce pop noiseKlaus Goger
2018-01-12Input: add driver for Silead touchscreensRobert Dolca
2018-01-12can: ucan: add minimal support for Theobroma Systems UCAN devicesJakob Unterwurzacher
2018-01-12remove .scmversion fileKlaus Goger
2018-01-11ARM: dts: rk3288-miniarm: enable rkisp1 and add imx219/ov5647Jacob Chen
2018-01-11arm64: dts: rockchip: add some peripheral configuration for px30/rk3326Zhou weixin
2018-01-11drm/rockchip: rk618: vif: Convert to drm_bridgeWyon Bi
2018-01-11mfd: rk618: add vif subdevWyon Bi
2018-01-11arm64: dts: rockchip: Add dsi node for PX30Wyon Bi
2018-01-11arm64: dts: rockchip: Add mipi_dphy node for PX30Wyon Bi
2018-01-11phy/rockchip: dphy: Add support for PX30Wyon Bi
2018-01-11drm/rockchip: dsi: Add support for PX30Wyon Bi
2018-01-11drm/rockchip: dsi: Add a better description for dw_mipi_dsi_plat_dataWyon Bi
2018-01-11media: i2c: imx219: apply gain/exposure immediatelyJacob Chen
2018-01-11media: i2c: imx219: support 1920*1080*48fps modeJacob Chen
2018-01-11ARM: configs: rockchip_linux: enable rockchip isp1 driverJacob Chen
2018-01-11ARM: dts: add rk3288-firefly-reload-linuxJacob Chen
2018-01-11ARM: dts: add rk3288-rkisp1.dtsiJacob Chen
2018-01-11clocksource: arch_timer: make virtual counter access configurableGreg Hackmann
2018-01-11arm64: issue isb when trapping CNTVCT_EL0 accessGreg Hackmann
2018-01-11BACKPORT: arm64: Add CNTFRQ_EL0 trap handlerMarc Zyngier
2018-01-11BACKPORT: arm64: Add CNTVCT_EL0 trap handlerMarc Zyngier
2018-01-11drm/rockchip: dsi: Convert to use regmapWyon Bi
2018-01-11drm/rockchip: dsi: Fix pclk hanndlingWyon Bi
2018-01-11arm: dts: rk3288-evb-rk808-linux: Add ov13850 camera support.Leo Wen
2018-01-10dt-bindings: rockchip: rga: Document for px30/rk3326 rgaPutin Lee
2018-01-10arm64: dts: rockchip: rk3328: add vpu_combo and enable itXinhuang Li
2018-01-10usb: dwc_otg_310: fix NULL pointer error from driver attributesMeng Dongyang
2018-01-09staging: android: ashmem: fix a race condition in ASHMEM_SET_SIZE ioctlViktor Slavkovic
2018-01-09mfd: rk808: initialize rk808_i2c_client by defaultJoseph Chen
2018-01-09power: rk818-battery: fix 4250mv charge voltage missingJoseph Chen
2018-01-09driver: input: sensors: modify accel sensor calibration offsetZorro Liu
2018-01-09arm64: dts: rockchip: auto select opp-table by leakage for rk3328Liang Chen
2018-01-09video: rockchip: vpu: auto select opp-table by leakageLiang Chen
2018-01-09power: rk818-charger: flush workqueue on shutdownShunqing Chen
2018-01-08arm64: dts: rockchip: update rk3328-dram-2layer-timingCanYang He
2018-01-08PM / devfreq: rockchip_dmc: fix rk3328 of_get_ddr_timings failCanYang He
2018-01-08drm/rockchip: dsi: support read commandWyon Bi
2018-01-08arm64: dts: rockchip: rk3328-evb-android: Adjust temperature control parametersZhangbin Tong
2018-01-08power: rk816: add power_supply property for CTS.Shunqing Chen