AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-05Reduce SD IO Voltage to 3.0Vpuma-release-4.4-2017-05-19Klaus Goger
2017-06-22drm/panel: simple: use standard pixel clock on 1920x1200x60 panelJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-06-20arm64: dts: puma: add rk3399-puma-hdmi+edp1200.dtsJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-06-19drm/panel: simple: use standard pixel clock on 1920x1080x60 panelJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-06-13remove .scmversion fileKlaus Goger
2017-06-13arm64: dts: puma: add licenseKlaus Goger
2017-06-13arm64: rk3399-puma-edp.dts: switch to FullHD panelJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-06-13drm/panel: simple: add generic 1920x1080x60Hz (FullHD) panelJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-06-13drm: rockchip: limit EPROBE_DEFER retries in rockchip_dp_bindJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-06-13arm64: rk3399-puma-edp.dts: fix edp output by enabling voplJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-06-13drm: rockchip: increase vop selection message priorityJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-06-13arm64: dts: puma: add hdmi+mipidsi variantJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-06-13arm64: dts: puma: add describing header to dtsJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-06-13arm64: rk3399-puma-mipidsi.dts: drop duplicate assignemntsJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-06-13arm64: dts: puma: drop duplicate assignmentsJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-06-13arm64: dts: puma: drop "hdmi_in_vopb" modificationJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-06-08arm64: defconfig: puma: enable silead touchscreenJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-05-26arm64: dts: puma: enable silead touchscreenJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-05-24Input: silead: retry firmware loadJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-05-24Input: back-port silead.c: invert_x/y & swap_xyPhilipp Tomsich
2017-05-24Input: back-port silead.c: pos[i] handling/assignmentPhilipp Tomsich
2017-05-24Input: silead - add OF device ID tableJavier Martinez Canillas
2017-05-24Input: silead_gsl1680 - use "silead/" prefix for firmware loadingHans de Goede
2017-05-24Input: silead_gsl1680 - document firmware-name, fix implementationHans de Goede
2017-05-24Input: silead - use devm_gpiod_getHans de Goede
2017-05-24Input: silead - remove some dead codeDan Carpenter
2017-05-24Input: add driver for Silead touchscreensRobert Dolca
2017-05-24arm64: dts: add rk3399-puma-mipidsi.dtsJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-05-24drm/rockchip: dw-mipi: switch to cmd mode before enabling panelJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-05-24drm/rockchip: dw-mipi: add error reporting and break infinite loop in mipi-ds...Jakob Unterwurzacher
2017-05-24drm/rockchip: vop: log a warning for out-of-spec modesJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-05-24arm64: dts: add rk3399-puma-hdmi+edp.dtsKlaus Goger
2017-05-24arm64: dts: add rk3399-puma-edp.dtsKlaus Goger
2017-05-24drm/panel: simple: add generic 1920x1200x60Hz panelKlaus Goger
2017-05-24arm64: defconfig: puma: enable uCAN in defconfigKlaus Goger
2017-05-24can: ucan: add minimal support for UCAN devicesJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-05-24arm64: dts: puma: merge oppKlaus Goger
2017-05-24arm64: defconfig: add puma-rk3399 defconfigKlaus Goger
2017-05-24arm64: dts: rockchip: add DTS for RK3399-Q7 (Puma) SoMKlaus Goger
2017-05-24net: rfkill-bt: fix gcc6 build errorKlaus Goger
2017-05-24arm: dts: rk322x-android: enable rockchip-suspendXiaoDong Huang
2017-05-24arm: dts: rk322x: add rockchip-suspend nodeXiaoDong Huang
2017-05-24soc: rockchip: support rk322x pm configXiaoDong Huang
2017-05-23clk: rockchip: rk3328: add flag CLK_IGNORE_UNUSED for hclk_vop_niuElaine Zhang
2017-05-23ARM64: dts: rockchip: rk3399-opp: fix up the gpu_opp_tableElaine Zhang
2017-05-22arm64: dts: rk3399: sapphire: set syr83x vsel gpio type inputwlq
2017-05-22driver: sensor-dev: use copy_to_user&&copy_from_user to do the user pointZorro Liu
2017-05-19power: rk818-charger: move irq init to the last stepchenjh
2017-05-19drm/rockchip: vop: support vop dump when iommu page faultMark Yao
2017-05-19arm64: dts: rk3368: add dfi and dmc device nodesFinley Xiao