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2013-03-18Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini
2013-03-15arm: Enable generic board supportSimon Glass
2013-03-15arm: Use sections header to obtain link symbolsSimon Glass
2013-03-15Introduce generic link section.h symbol filesSimon Glass
2013-03-15Replace __bss_end__ with __bss_endSimon Glass
2013-03-15Merge branch 'u-boot-tegra/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'Albert ARIBAUD
2013-03-15Merge branch 'u-boot-imx/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'Albert ARIBAUD
2013-03-14Tegra114: Dalmore: Add pad config tables/code based on pinmux codeTom Warren
2013-03-14Tegra114: fdt: Move aliases from dtsi to dts file as per other TegrasTom Warren
2013-03-14Tegra114: Fix/update GP padcfg register structTom Warren
2013-03-14Tegra114: pinmux: Fix bad CAM_MCLK func 3 table entryTom Warren
2013-03-14Tegra: MMC: Added/update SDMMC registers/base addresses for T20/T30Tom Warren
2013-03-14Tegra30: fdt: Add SDMMC (sdhci) nodes for T30 boards (Cardhu for now)Tom Warren
2013-03-14Tegra30: Cardhu: Add pad config tables/code based on pinmux codeTom Warren
2013-03-14Tegra114: pinmux: Update pinmux tables & code, fix a bug w/SDMMC3 initTom Warren
2013-03-14Tegra114: fdt: Sync DT nodes with kernel DT files (GPIO, tegra_car)Tom Warren
2013-03-14ARM: tegra: implement WAR for Tegra114 CPU reset vectorStephen Warren
2013-03-14Tegra30: fdt: Sync DT nodes with kernel DT files (I2C, SPI, GPIO, clock)Tom Warren
2013-03-14Tegra: MMC: Add DT support to MMC driver for all T20 boardsTom Warren
2013-03-14Tegra: fdt: Add/enhance sdhci (mmc) nodes for all T20 DT filesTom Warren
2013-03-14Tegra: fdt: Change /include/ to #include for C preprocessorTom Warren
2013-03-14Tegra114: fdt: Update DT files with I2C info for T114/DalmoreTom Warren
2013-03-14Tegra: I2C: Add T114 clock support to tegra_i2c driverTom Warren
2013-03-14Tegra114: I2C: Take DVFS out of reset to allow I2C5 (PWR_I2C) to workTom Warren
2013-03-14tegra: usb: move [start|stop]_port into ehci_hcd_[init|stop]Lucas Stach
2013-03-14tegra: usb: move implementation into right directoryLucas Stach
2013-03-14tegra: usb: various small cleanupsLucas Stach
2013-03-14tegra: usb: move controller init into start_portLucas Stach
2013-03-14tegra: usb: remove unneeded function parameterLucas Stach
2013-03-14tegra: usb: make controller init functions more self containedLucas Stach
2013-03-14tegra: usb: set USB_PORTS_MAX to correct valueLucas Stach
2013-03-13ARM: implement some Cortex-A9 errata workaroundsStephen Warren
2013-03-12Refactor linker-generated arraysAlbert ARIBAUD
2013-03-12arm: make __bss_start and __bss_end__ compiler-generatedAlbert ARIBAUD
2013-03-12Remove linker lists (LGAs) from SPL linker scriptsAlbert ARIBAUD
2013-03-12arm: omap: map u_boot_lists section to .sramAlbert ARIBAUD
2013-03-12Merge branch 'u-boot-atmel/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'Albert ARIBAUD
2013-03-12ARM: sam9x5: fix ethernet pins in MII modeJesse Gilles
2013-03-12ARM: at91sam9x5: Using CPU string directlyBo Shen
2013-03-11Merge u-boot/master into u-boot-ti/masterTom Rini
2013-03-11arm: dra7xx: Add silicon id support for DRA752 socLokesh Vutla
2013-03-11arm: dra7xx: Add board files for DRA7XX socsLokesh Vutla
2013-03-11arm: dra7xx: Add DDR related data for DRA752 ES1.0Lokesh Vutla
2013-03-11arm: dra7xx: Add control module changesLokesh Vutla
2013-03-11arm: dra7xx: clock: Add the dplls dataLokesh Vutla
2013-03-11arm: dra7xx: clock: Add the prcm changesLokesh Vutla
2013-03-11ARM: OMAP5: srcomp: enable slew rate compensation cells after powerupLokesh Vutla
2013-03-11ARM: OMAP5: Add DDR changes required for OMAP543X ES2.0 SOCsLokesh Vutla
2013-03-11ARM: OMAP4/5: clocks: Add the required OPP settings as per the latest addendumSRICHARAN R
2013-03-11ARM: OMAP5: clock: Add the prcm register changes required for ES2.0SRICHARAN R