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2017-12-28-fsanitize=vptr warnings on bad static types in dynamic_cast and typeidStephan Bergmann
2017-12-21[ubsan] Diagnose noreturn functions which return (compiler-rt)Vedant Kumar
2017-12-18Revert r320977 "No -fsanitize=function warning when calling noexcept function...Stephan Bergmann
2017-12-18No -fsanitize=function warning when calling noexcept function through non-noe...Stephan Bergmann
2017-09-18[ubsan] Fix conflict with previous declaration on MacVitaly Buka
2017-09-15ubsan: Unbreak ubsan_cxx runtime library on Windows.Peter Collingbourne
2017-07-29[ubsan] Diagnose invalid uses of builtins (compiler-rt)Vedant Kumar
2017-07-13[ubsan] Teach the pointer overflow check that "p - <unsigned> <= p" (compiler...Vedant Kumar
2017-06-23[ubsan] Improve diagnostics for return value checks (compiler-rt)Vedant Kumar
2017-06-12[ubsan] Detect invalid unsigned pointer index expression (compiler-rt)Vedant Kumar
2017-06-01[ubsan] Runtime support for pointer overflow checkingVedant Kumar
2017-05-05[ubsan] Fix error summary message for ObjC BOOL invalid loadsVedant Kumar
2017-04-27[ubsan] Make the cast overflow message less redundantVedant Kumar
2017-03-14[ubsan] Add diagnostic handlers for nullability errorsVedant Kumar
2017-01-06[ubsan] Minimize size of data for type_mismatch (Redo of D19668)Filipe Cabecinhas
2016-02-03[cfi] Safe handling of unaddressable vtable pointers (compiler-rt).Evgeniy Stepanov
2016-01-27[cfi] Disable vtable diagnostics when no cxxabi.Evgeniy Stepanov
2016-01-25[cfi] Cross-DSO CFI diagnostic mode (compiler-rt part)Evgeniy Stepanov
2015-12-18[UBSan] Implement runtime suppressions (PR25066).Alexey Samsonov
2015-12-09[UBSan] Clarify the way we disable de-duplication of reports from unrecoverab...Alexey Samsonov
2015-12-08[UBSan] Always calculate ErrorType (kind of UB) before printing a report.Alexey Samsonov
2015-10-20[ubsan] Fix looksLikeFloatCastOverflowDataV1 heuristic to work if one of the ...Yury Gribov
2015-09-10CFI: Add diagnostic handler and tests for indirect call checker.Peter Collingbourne
2015-08-24[UBSan] Add the ability to print more precise error kind in summary line.Alexey Samsonov
2015-08-11[compiler-rt] Add SourceLocations for float_cast_overflow data.Filipe Cabecinhas
2015-03-26[UBSan] Explicitly list all supported OS/arch pairs supported by UBSan.Alexey Samsonov
2015-02-11[UBSan] Allow UBSan location to store frames returned by symbolizer.Alexey Samsonov
2015-02-11[UBSan] Add report deduplication for -fsanitize=function.Alexey Samsonov
2015-02-10[UBSan] Reduce the number of getCallerLocation() calls.Alexey Samsonov
2014-10-13Sanitize upcasts and conversion to virtual base.Alexey Samsonov
2014-09-19[UBSan] Optionally report summary in UBSan error reports.Alexey Samsonov
2014-09-10[UBSan] Add noinline attribute to handlers that should never return.Alexey Samsonov
2014-09-08Report source location of returns_nonnull attribute in UBSan reports.Alexey Samsonov
2014-09-08Implement nonnull-attribute sanitizerAlexey Samsonov
2014-08-22[UBSan] Add support for printing backtraces to all UBSan handlersAlexey Samsonov
2014-08-13[UBSan] Add returns-nonnull sanitizer.Alexey Samsonov
2014-07-30[UBSan] Introduce ScopedReport object.Alexey Samsonov
2013-10-20Runtime support for the indirect function call checker.Peter Collingbourne
2013-10-02Make the InvalidValueData take a SourceLocation.Nick Lewycky
2013-02-23ubsan: Runtime handlers for array indexing checks.Richard Smith
2013-02-13ubsan: Add checking for invalid downcasts. Per [expr.static.cast]p2 and p11,Richard Smith
2013-01-09[ubsan] Add deduplication functionality, always enabled.Will Dietz
2012-12-31[ubsan] Don't suggest casting to unsigned for unsigned unary minus overflow.Will Dietz
2012-12-31Revert r171273 which doesn't actually compile.Chandler Carruth
2012-12-31[ubsan] Don't suggest casting to unsigned for unsigned unary minus overflow.Will Dietz
2012-12-18ubsan: When diagnosing something wrong somewhere in memory, emit a noteRichard Smith
2012-12-18ubsan: if the frontend didn't provide us with a source location, try to workRichard Smith
2012-12-13ubsan: Add -fsanitize=bool and -fsanitize=enum, which check for loads ofRichard Smith
2012-12-02[ubsan] Refactor handlers to have separate entry points for aborting.Will Dietz
2012-11-27ubsan: Support unsigned overflows, and divide-by-zero int/float split.Will Dietz