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2017-12-22[Sanitizers, CMake] Basic sanitizer Solaris support (PR 33274)Alex Shlyapnikov
2017-12-21[CMake] Allow passing extra CMake arguments to custom libc++Petr Hosek
2017-12-14[profile] Port the runtime to Solaris (retry)Vedant Kumar
2017-12-14Revert "(HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) [profile] Port the runti...Vedant Kumar
2017-12-14[profile] Port the runtime to SolarisVedant Kumar
2017-12-12[CMake] Support runtimes and monorepo layouts when looking for libcxxPetr Hosek
2017-12-09Hardware-assisted AddressSanitizer (compiler-rt)Evgeniy Stepanov
2017-12-01[compiler-rt] Add install-*-stripped targetsShoaib Meenai
2017-11-30Add powerpc64 to compiler-rt build infrastructure.Sterling Augustine
2017-11-29[sanitizer] Refactor how assembly files are handledKuba Mracek
2017-11-29Revert change for LibFuzzer target archsYi Kong
2017-11-29[LibFuzzer] Add Android to LibFuzzer's supported OSesYi Kong
2017-11-28[XRay][compiler-rt][Darwin] Minimal XRay build support in DarwinDean Michael Berris
2017-11-27Build more sanitizers for NetBSDKamil Rytarowski
2017-11-13Allow compiler-rt test targets to work with multi-config CMake generatorsGreg Bedwell
2017-11-10Revert "[XRay][darwin] Initial XRay in Darwin Support"Dean Michael Berris
2017-11-10[XRay][darwin] Initial XRay in Darwin SupportDean Michael Berris
2017-10-26[LSan] Enable LSan tests on PPC64 Linux.Alex Shlyapnikov
2017-10-12[cmake] Fix skipping DEPS (typo) in sanitizer_test_compile()Michal Gorny
2017-10-09Make the cfi target available on more platforms.Peter Collingbourne
2017-10-06[sanitizer] Test ubsan and cfi on android.Evgeniy Stepanov
2017-09-29Fix cmake file broken by D38277.Alex Shlyapnikov
2017-09-29[CMake] Fix configuration on PowerPC with sanitizersJonas Hahnfeld
2017-09-18[scudo] Android build supportKostya Kortchinsky
2017-09-11[ubsan-minimal] Enable on DarwinVedant Kumar
2017-09-07[cmake] Work around more -Wunused-driver-argument warningsVedant Kumar
2017-09-01[cmake] Remove accidentally committed warning messagesVedant Kumar
2017-09-01[cmake] Work around -Wunused-driver-argument warningsVedant Kumar
2017-08-31[cmake] Fix the list of arm32 architecturesMartin Storsjo
2017-08-30Add preliminary NetBSD support in libfuzzerKamil Rytarowski
2017-08-30[builtins] Prevent duplicate definitions for overridden functionsFrancis Ricci
2017-08-29Restore clang_rt library name on i686-android.Evgeniy Stepanov
2017-08-29Disable ubsan-minimal on Darwin.Evgeniy Stepanov
2017-08-29Minimal runtime for UBSan.Evgeniy Stepanov
2017-08-28Reland r311842 - [cmake] Remove i686 target that is duplicate to i386Michal Gorny
2017-08-28Proper dependency check for clang in compiler_rt.George Karpenkov
2017-08-27Revert r311842 - [cmake] Remove i686 target that is duplicate to i386Michal Gorny
2017-08-27[cmake] Remove i686 target that is duplicate to i386Michal Gorny
2017-08-26Automatically pick up new sanitizers in cmake.Evgeniy Stepanov
2017-08-25Revert "Add Clang dependency to the check for Clang C++ headers."Adrian Prantl
2017-08-24Add Clang dependency to the check for Clang C++ headers.George Karpenkov
2017-08-22[libFuzzer] Move check for thread_local back into libFuzzer's CMake,George Karpenkov
2017-08-21Move libFuzzer to compiler_rt.George Karpenkov
2017-08-21[NFC CMake] Do not relink test targets every time in compiler-rtGeorge Karpenkov
2017-08-15Quickfix to the refactoring commit: typo in the link flags variableGeorge Karpenkov
2017-08-15[sanitizers CMake] NFC Refactor the logic for compiling and generating testsGeorge Karpenkov
2017-08-15[CMake compiler-rt] NFC: Minor CMake refactoring.George Karpenkov
2017-08-15[compiler-rt CMake] NFC: Minor CMake refactoring.George Karpenkov
2017-08-15[compiler-rt CMake] CMake refactoring: create directories in helper func.George Karpenkov
2017-08-15Revert: Enable profile on NetBSDKamil Rytarowski