AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-01image: add IH_OS_ARM_TRUSTED_FIRMWARE for ARM Trusted FirmwarePhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01rockchip: lion-rk3368: defconfig: select PHY_MICREL_KSZ90X1Philipp Tomsich
2017-11-01rockchip: puma-rk3399: defconfig: select PHY_MICREL_KSZ90X1Philipp Tomsich
2017-11-01rockchip: evb-rk3328: remove CONFIG_ENV_OFFSETKever Yang
2017-11-01rockchip: rk3328: fix rockchip_get_cru apiKever Yang
2017-11-01rockchip: rk3399: init CPU clock when rkclk_init()Kever Yang
2017-11-01rockchip: configs: only add available BOOT_TARGET_DEVICESKlaus Goger
2017-11-01rockchip: configs: use rockchip-common.h for rk3368Klaus Goger
2017-10-31Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini
2017-10-31mx6slevk: Call gpio_request()Fabio Estevam
2017-10-31udoo: Remove cpu type check prior to setup_sata()Fabio Estevam
2017-10-31wandboard: Remove cpu type check prior to setup_sata()Fabio Estevam
2017-10-31ARM: imx6: Enable UMS and DFU on DHCOM i.MX6 PDKMarek Vasut
2017-10-31imx: mx6slevk: cleanup board usb codePeng Fan
2017-10-31mx6slevk: Fix MMC breakage for the SPL targetFabio Estevam
2017-10-31wandboard: Add support for the MX6QP variantFabio Estevam
2017-10-31configs: vf610: increase maximum size and enforce correct limitStefan Agner
2017-10-30Prepare v2017.11-rc3v2017.11-rc3Tom Rini
2017-10-30net: fec_mxc: Change "error frame" message to debug levelFabio Estevam
2017-10-30imx: Fix regression with CONFIG_DM_MMC=yFabio Estevam
2017-10-30configs: Resync with savedefconfigTom Rini
2017-10-29scripts/ enable find_maintainer_filesHeinrich Schuchardt
2017-10-29checkpatch: Support wide stringsHeinrich Schuchardt
2017-10-29Merge git:// Rini
2017-10-29exynos: video: fix typo in DisplayPort driverDongjin Kim
2017-10-29video/da8xx-fb: Cache-align memory allocationsNiko Mauno
2017-10-29efi_loader: Disable env_save() call on bootAlexander Graf
2017-10-27Merge git:// Rini
2017-10-27armv8: sec_firmware: Add support for loadables in FITSumit Garg
2017-10-27armv8: layerscape: Allocate 66 MB DDR for secure memorySumit Garg
2017-10-27armv8: ls1088aqds: Enable USB command on QDS for qspi-bootRan Wang
2017-10-27armv8: ls1088ardb: Enable USB command RDB qspi-bootRan Wang
2017-10-27arm: layerscape: Remove CONFIG_USB_MAX_CONTROLLER_COUNTRan Wang
2017-10-27usb: host: Move CONFIG_XHCI_FSL to KconfigRan Wang
2017-10-27arm64: layerscape: Move CONFIG_HAS_FSL_XHCI_USB to KconfigRan Wang
2017-10-27armv8: ls1088aqds: Change phy mode to PHY_INTERFACE_MODE_RGMII_IDAshish Kumar
2017-10-27armv8: configs: ls1012a: correct the generic timer frequencyYuantian Tang
2017-10-27armv8: ls1088: Move CONFIG_ENV_IS_IN_SPI_FLASH to defconfigAshish Kumar
2017-10-27driver: fsl-mc: use calloc instead mallocPrabhakar Kushwaha
2017-10-27AT91: remove CONFIG_PMECC_INDEX_TABLE_OFFSETMasahiro Yamada
2017-10-27exynos: remove CONFIG_LCD_MENU_BOARDMasahiro Yamada
2017-10-27net: remove CONFIG_NET_MULTIMasahiro Yamada
2017-10-27mpc85xx: xpedite550x: remove CONFIG_FDT_FIXUP_PCI_IRQMasahiro Yamada
2017-10-27AM33XX: etamin: remove CONFIG_DFU_MTDMasahiro Yamada
2017-10-27MX28: remove CONFIG_DEFAULT_SPI_CSMasahiro Yamada
2017-10-27exynos: remove CONFIG_CORE_COUNTMasahiro Yamada
2017-10-27omap4: sdp4430: match the #endif comment to #ifdefMasahiro Yamada
2017-10-27SOCFPGA: remove CONFIG_AUTONEG_TIMEOUTMasahiro Yamada
2017-10-27ARC: remove CONFIG_ARC_UART_BASEMasahiro Yamada
2017-10-27sh7734: remove CONFIG_553MHZ_MODEMasahiro Yamada