AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-19evb-px30: defconfig: Setting U-Boot offset to 0x200.wip-px30Christoph Muellner
2019-09-13fixup: px30.c - init sdmmc with constants and make emmc boot workHeiko Stuebner
2019-09-09px30.c additions - needs cleanupHeiko Stuebner
2019-09-09evb-uboot.dtsi: expose grf+xin24m in splHeiko Stuebner
2019-09-09evb-px30_defconfig: remove random ethaddr optionHeiko Stuebner
2019-09-09hack: add a static mac addressHeiko Stuebner
2019-09-06fixup: px30 clock driverHeiko Stuebner
2019-09-05sync px30.dtsi from kernelHeiko Stuebner
2019-09-05sync px30-evb.dts from kernelHeiko Stuebner
2019-09-05sync px30.dtsi from kernelHeiko Stuebner
2019-08-12fixup px30-evb boardcode to use common boardsHeiko Stuebner
2019-08-12fixup px30-core arch to use common boards where possibleHeiko Stuebner
2019-08-11hacksHeiko Stuebner
2019-08-11rockchip: ram: add dm-based sdram driverHeiko Stuebner
2019-08-11update px30-evb defconfigHeiko Stuebner
2019-08-11increase spl_bss size as linker complains about .sdram sizeHeiko Stuebner
2019-08-11px30: Add restriction for DMA-able addresses.Christoph Müllner
2019-08-11add px30 boardHeiko Stuebner
2019-08-11rockchip: add px30 architecture coreHeiko Stuebner
2019-08-11rockchip: px30: add core headersHeiko Stuebner
2019-08-11rockchip: add px30 devicetreesHeiko Stuebner
2019-08-11timer: add px30 timer variant to rockchip_timerHeiko Stuebner
2019-08-11rockchip: mkimage: add support for px30Kever Yang
2019-08-11net: gmac_rockchip: add support for px30Heiko Stuebner
2019-08-11fixup px30 clkHeiko Stuebner
2019-08-11px30-clk: separate clock initHeiko Stuebner
2019-08-11rockchip: clk: add px30 clock driverKever Yang
2019-08-11pinctrl: rockchip: add px30 pinctrl driverDavid Wu
2019-08-11spl: separate SPL_FRAMEWORK config for spl and tplHeiko Stuebner
2019-08-11rockchip: clk: fix wrong CONFIG_IS_ENABLED handlingHeiko Stuebner
2019-08-11rockchip: clk: rv1108: remove duplicate reset initHeiko Stuebner
2019-08-11malloc-simple: Hang if alloc space is exhausted.Christoph Müllner
2019-08-11malloc_simple: Convert to non-log output.Christoph Müllner
2019-08-11bouncebuf: Add static buffer allocation method for SPL.Christoph Müllner
2019-08-11bouncebuf: Allow printf-simple to debug messages.Christoph Müllner
2019-08-11bouncebuf: Add DMA validation check to addr_aligned().Christoph Müllner
2019-08-11board_f: Add mach specific DMA address check function.Christoph Müllner
2019-08-11[noupstream] Add debug output to SPL loading loop.Christoph Müllner
2019-07-31dw_mmc: turn on the IO supplyUrja Rannikko
2019-07-29Prepare v2019.10-rc1Tom Rini
2019-07-29Merge tag 'dm-pull-29jul19' of Rini
2019-07-29Merge branch '2019-07-29-ti-imports'Tom Rini
2019-07-29arm: mach-keystone: Use appended original image size in image processingAndrew F. Davis
2019-07-29configs: omapl138_lcdk: enable NAND self-init in SPLBartosz Golaszewski
2019-07-29davinci: omapl138-lcdk: enable driver-model in SPLBartosz Golaszewski
2019-07-29davinci: omapl138-lcdk: remove unneeded includesBartosz Golaszewski
2019-07-29davinci: omapl138-lcdk: enable CONFIG_USE_TINY_PRINTFBartosz Golaszewski
2019-07-29davinci: omapl138-lcdk: enable SPL_SYS_MALLOC_SIMPLEBartosz Golaszewski
2019-07-29davinci: da850-evm: enable driver model for NANDBartosz Golaszewski
2019-07-29davinci: omapl138-lcdk: enable driver model for NANDBartosz Golaszewski