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2019-10-15rockchip: dts: rk3399-puma: Add DDR3-1600/1866 4 GiB timings.HEADpuma-release-v2017.11-rc3Christoph Muellner
2019-04-05rockchip: rk3399: change boot_target based on u-boot, spl-boot-deviceKlaus Goger
2019-04-05rockchip: rk3399: inject 'u-boot, spl-boot-device' for next-stagePhilipp Tomsich
2019-04-05spl: document 'chosen/u-boot, spl-boot-device'Philipp Tomsich
2019-04-05spl: record boot_device into spl_image and call spl_perform_fixupsPhilipp Tomsich
2019-04-05Revert "rockchip: rk3399-puma: prefer sd card unless booted from spi"Christoph Muellner
2018-12-11rockchip: rk3399-puma: enable gigadevice spi-norKlaus Goger
2018-03-14rockchip: rk3399-puma: prefer sd card unless booted from spiJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-12-15rockchip: rk3399-puma: set gpio4cd iodomain to 1.8VJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-12-07rockchip: puma_rk3399: preserve leading zeros in serial#Jakob Unterwurzacher
2017-12-07sf: add entry for Winbond w25x20Jakob Unterwurzacher
2017-11-22rockchip: rk3399: init CPU B clockChristoph Muellner
2017-11-14rk3399-puma: defconfig: enable gpio commandJakob Unterwurzacher
2017-11-02rk3399-puma: make env location selectable via KconfigKlaus Goger
2017-11-01[wip, squash] trigger usb reset workaround for usb1 only; still hard-codedPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01[wip, squash] reenable usb0Philipp Tomsich
2017-11-01[wip???] usbhub_enablePhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01[wip: needs rewrite] xhci roothub FEAT_POWER changePhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01[wip]: puma-rk3399: dts: usbhub_enable <- dm-pre-reloc; disable ohci/ehciPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01rockchip: mkimage: remove unused code-paths (spl_boot0 is now implied)Philipp Tomsich
2017-11-01rockchip: rk3188: move CONFIG_SPL_* entries from rk3188_common.h to KconfigPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01rockchip: back-to-bootrom: allow passing a cmd to the bootromPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01rockchip: rk3188: use boot0 hook to load up SPL in 2 stepsPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01rockchip: back-to-bootrom: replace assembly-implementation with C-codePhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01arm: provide a PCS-compliant setjmp implementationPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01arm: mark save_boot_params_ret as a functionPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01arm: make save_boot_params_ret prototype visible for AArch64Philipp Tomsich
2017-11-01rockchip: boot0 hook: support early return for RK3188/RK3066-style BROMPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01bcm281xx: boot0 hook: adjust to unified boot0 semanticsPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01bcm235xx: boot0 hook: adjust to unified boot0 semanticsPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01socfpga: boot0 hook: adjust to unified boot0 semanticsPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01rockchip: rk3036: use aligned address for SPL_TEXT_BASEPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01rockchip: rk3288: use aligned address for SPL_TEXT_BASEKever Yang
2017-11-01rockchip: mkimage: use spl_boot0 for all Rockchip SoCsKever Yang
2017-11-01rockchip: enable boot0-hook for all Rockchip SoCsPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01rockchip: boot0: align to 0x20 for armv7 '_start'Kever Yang
2017-11-01rockchip: defconfig: lion-rk3368: sync up with SPL changes for ATFPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01rockchip: defconfig: puma-rk3399: sync up with SPL changes for ATFPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01rockchip: board: lion-rk3368: update .its filePhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01rockchip: board: puma-rk3399: update .its file to use new featuresPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01rockchip: defconfig: firefly-rk3399: sync up with SPL changes for ATFPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01rockchip: dts: rk3399-puma: add /config/arm-trusted-firmware,reset-gpio propertyPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01spl: atf: drop the SPL_ATF_TEXT_BASE configuration itemPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01spl: rename config item SPL_ATF_SUPPORT to SPL_ATFPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01spl: atf: introduce spl_invoke_atf and make bl31_entry privatePhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01spl: fit: implement recording of loadables into /fit-imagesPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01spl: fit: implement fdt_record_loadablePhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01spl: fit: simplify logic for FDT loading for non-OS bootsPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01spl: change load_addr and entry_point to uintptr_tPhilipp Tomsich
2017-11-01spl: add a fdt_addr field to spl_image_infoPhilipp Tomsich