AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-19ARM: sunxi: pangolin: fix mac and serial generationHEADv2015.07-pangolinKlaus Goger
2019-08-19increase mmc_rint_wait delayKlaus Goger
2015-07-31Customize CLI prompt IIJakob Unterwurzacher
2015-07-30ARM: sunxi: add emmcboot commandKlaus Goger
2015-07-30ARM: sunxi: pangolin: base mac and serial on eMMCKlaus Goger
2015-07-30ARM: sunxi: pangolin: Customize CLI promptJakob Unterwurzacher
2015-07-30Rename "Pangolin_defconfig" to "pangolin_defconfig"Jakob Unterwurzacher
2015-07-30env overwriteKlaus Goger
2015-07-30ARM: sun6i: ifdef board specific initKlaus Goger
2015-07-30ARM: sun6i: pangolin: set pinmux for USBH3Klaus Goger
2015-07-30ARM: sun6i: spiflash: enables M25 SPI flashOctav Zlatior
2015-07-30ARM: sun6i: spi: implements SPI driverOctav Zlatior
2015-07-30dm: Fixes an inconsistency in device.h commentsOctav Zlatior
2015-07-30ARM: sun6i: pangolin: disable hdmi and ldb in dtsOctav Zlatior
2015-07-30ARM: sunxi: Implements driver model display driverOctav Zlatior
2015-07-30ARM: sun6i: select mmc order based on VER_REGKlaus Goger
2015-07-30sunxi: pangolin: enable ATX power supplyKlaus Goger
2015-07-30ARM: sun6i: pangolin: increase DRAM clk to 360MHzKlaus Goger
2015-07-30ARM: sun6i: configure axp221 for dual supplyKlaus Goger
2015-07-30ARM: sunxi: enable vendor logoKlaus Goger
2015-07-30logos: add bmp logoKlaus Goger
2015-07-30ARM: sunxi: introduce SUNXI_PANGOLIN Kconfig optionKlaus Goger
2015-07-30ARM: sun6i: blink led for boot feedbackKlaus Goger
2015-07-30ARM: sun6i: set bootmode for stm32Klaus Goger
2015-07-30sunxi: pangolin: defconfig build fixKlaus Goger
2015-07-30sunxi: pangolin: remove usb ethKlaus Goger
2015-07-30sunxi: dts: pangolin: remove wlanKlaus Goger
2015-07-30sun6i: pangolin: hack to configure phy skewKlaus Goger
2015-07-30sun6i: pangolin: Enable device-model for USBPhilipp Tomsich
2015-07-30sun6i: pangolin: Disable CMD_IMLS in defconfigPhilipp Tomsich
2015-07-30sun6i: Add 200us delay after unmasking DRAM clkPhilipp Tomsich
2015-07-30sun6i: Enable ODT both for read and write on rank1Philipp Tomsich
2015-07-30ARM: sun6i: Enable sigma-delta on DDR-PLL5Philipp Tomsich
2015-07-30ARM: sunxi: pangolin: Increase DRAM_CLK to 312Philipp Tomsich
2015-07-30sun6i: Improve selection of 'k' and 'm' for PLL5Philipp Tomsich
2015-07-30[fix/squash] remove duplicate setting of CCM_PLL5_CTRL_UPDPhilipp Tomsich
2015-07-30[fix/squash] Pangolin_defconfigPhilipp Tomsich
2015-07-30sunxi: Wait for P2WI controller to ack soft-resetPhilipp Tomsich
2015-07-30sun6i: Add DTS for Theobroma Systems' A31 uQ7Philipp Tomsich
2015-07-30sun6i: Add pin-definitions for i2c3 and mmc2Philipp Tomsich
2015-07-30sunxi: add pangolin defconfigKlaus Goger
2015-07-30ARM: sunxi: Make CONS_INDEX configurablePhilipp Tomsich
2015-07-30ARM: sun6i: Support console on UART2 (GPG6/GPG7)Philipp Tomsich
2015-07-30sun6i: define alternate-function for UART2 on GPGPhilipp Tomsich
2015-07-30sun6i: Handle PLL5 UPD/LOCK bits per specificationPhilipp Tomsich
2015-07-30sun6i: Fix and document PLL LDO voltage selectionPhilipp Tomsich
2015-07-30ARM: sun6i: Initialize PLL6 to 600MHzPhilipp Tomsich
2015-07-30sun6i: Sync PLL1 multipliers/dividers with Boot1Philipp Tomsich
2015-07-30ARM: sun6i: Wait for PLL lock bit on PLL updatePhilipp Tomsich
2015-07-14Prepare v2015.07v2015.07masterTom Rini