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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-01ci: .shippable.yml: add build for mbedtlsJens Wiklander
2019-02-22Add support for Hisilicon Hi3519AV100 DEMO boardZeng Tao
2019-02-06ci: .shippable.yml: add build for QEMUv8 with virtualizationJerome Forissier
2019-01-30plat-bcm: Add Broadcom ARMv8-A SoC ns3Sandeep Tripathy
2018-12-18libtomcrypt: Import SHA512/256 approved hash algorithmSumit Garg
2018-12-11Remove Secure Element API supportJerome Forissier
2018-12-10plat-ls: NXP LX2160ARDB platform support is addedPankaj Gupta
2018-12-10plat-imx: add i.MX8MQ/MM EVK supportPeng Fan
2018-11-08core: instrument mutexes with lockdepJerome Forissier
2018-08-14plat-ls:add LS2088ARDB platform flavorsVinitha V Pillai
2018-08-14plat-ls:add LS1088ARDB platform flavorsVinitha V Pillai
2018-08-14plat-ls:add LS1012AFRWY platform flavorsVinitha V Pillai
2018-08-14core:arch:arm:plat-ls: make generic layout for all platformsVinitha V Pillai
2018-08-13plat-sunxi: Add Allwinner A64 supportAmit Singh Tomar
2018-08-06shippable: remove uneccessary macros for mx6ul/ullevkPeng Fan
2018-07-10ci: shippable: build with CFG_TEE_CORE_LOG_LEVEL=0Jens Wiklander
2018-06-26Do not set -Werror by defaultJerome Forissier
2018-06-19ci: shippable: build stm32mp1Etienne Carriere
2018-06-15ci: shippable: Add sunxi-bpi_zeroYing-Chun Liu (PaulLiu)
2018-06-14Add new platform for the TI K3 class of SoCsAndrew F. Davis
2018-06-07ci: shippable: enable parallel buildJerome Forissier
2018-06-04ci: shippable: set build directory identically for all platformsJerome Forissier
2018-06-04ci: shippable: enable ccache's 'unify' optionJerome Forissier
2018-05-30synquacer: Add DeveloperBox platform supportSumit Garg
2018-05-14ci: shippable: remove deprecated config flagsJerome Forissier
2018-05-14ci: shippable: build with CFG_PCSC_PASSTHRU_READER_DRV=yJerome Forissier
2018-05-14ci: shippable: remove redundant lineJerome Forissier
2018-01-19ci: shippable: build hikey960 with CFG_SECURE_DATA_PATH=nJerome Forissier
2018-01-17Remove support for Allwinner A80 platform (plat-sunxi)Jerome Forissier
2017-12-15poplar: Add initial supportVictor Chong
2017-12-08ci: shippable: configure caching properly for ccacheJerome Forissier
2017-11-29core: imx: add i.MX6SX Sabreauto supportPeng Fan
2017-11-28ci: shippable: remove redundant build configurationsJerome Forissier
2017-11-28ci: shippable: run only platform buildsJerome Forissier
2017-11-21plat-marvell: Add initial support for ARMADA3700wangwen
2017-11-15ci: .shippable.yml: disable parallel buildJerome Forissier
2017-11-15plat-ls: Add support for armv8 platform flavourPankaj Gupta
2017-11-15ci: .shippable.yml: enable RPMB FS during "make check"Jerome Forissier
2017-10-16Add Marvell platform with initial support for ARMADA A7K & A8KKevin Peng
2017-10-10ci: shippable: make sure QEMU test runs on the proper commitJerome Forissier
2017-09-26ci: .shippable.yml: fix _make functionJerome Forissier
2017-09-20ci: .shippable.yml: fix commit rangeJerome Forissier
2017-09-14ci: add .shippable.ymlJerome Forissier