BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastercore: keep alive TA context can be created after TA has panickedOvidiu Mihalachi2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-05-07core: keep alive TA context can be created after TA has panickedHEADmasterOvidiu Mihalachi
2019-05-07core: handle user TA context released from sessionEtienne Carriere
2019-05-06stm32mp1: clean shared resource to use vaddr_tEtienne Carriere
2019-05-06stm32_uart: pin control with stm32_gpioEtienne Carriere
2019-05-06stm32_uart: register secure/non-secure deviceEtienne Carriere
2019-05-06stm32mp1: default embed I2C driverEtienne Carriere
2019-05-06stm32mp1: fix missing I2C2/I2C6 non-secure mappingEtienne Carriere
2019-05-06stm32_i2c: expose standard speed in driver APIEtienne Carriere
2019-05-06stm32_gpio: fix pinctrl sanity test against platformEtienne Carriere
2019-05-06stm32_i2c: correct timeout detection on transfer stop eventEtienne Carriere