AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-06-02sun50i: rewrap source file listingAndre Przywara
2016-06-02sun50i: introduce get_highest_el() functionalityAndre Przywara
2016-06-02sun50i: remove unneeded platform specific address definitionsAndre Przywara
2016-06-02sun50i: clean up serial (debug) driverAndre Przywara
2016-06-02sun50i: remove unneeded sunxi_config_setup()Andre Przywara
2016-06-02sun50i: define empty print_plat_interconnect_regsAndre Przywara
2016-06-02sun50i: remove Allwinner hash outputAndre Przywara
2016-06-02sun50i: MMU setup: remove unneeded EL1 versionAndre Przywara
2016-06-02sun50i: remove unneeded TSP implementationAndre Przywara
2016-06-02sun50i: remove unneeded BL1 and BL2 codeAndre Przywara
2016-06-02sun50i: remove unneeded AEM and A57 codeAndre Przywara
2016-06-02sun50i: clean up sunxi_security codeAndre Przywara
2016-06-02sun50i: simplify topology setupAndre Przywara
2016-02-16sun50i: remove unused sunxi_gic_initAndre Przywara
2016-02-16sun50i: remove unused CCI initAndre Przywara
2016-02-16sun50i: fix timer frequencyAndre Przywara
2016-02-16sun50i: platform.S: clean up serial consoleAndre Przywara
2016-02-06sun50i: plat_helpers.S cleanupAndre Przywara
2016-02-04enter non-secure world in non-secure EL2Andre Przywara
2016-02-04sun50i: bl33_entry: reactivate code (but still use SVC32)Andre Przywara
2016-02-04Makefile: remove copying of final binaryAndre Przywara
2016-02-04arisc: make debug macros -pedantic compatibleAndre Przywara
2016-02-04Makefile: fix w/s errorAndre Przywara
2016-02-04Makefile: comment Cortex-A53 linker fix optionAndre Przywara
2016-02-04Makefile: revert Allwinner changes to default targetAndre Przywara
2016-02-04Merge in files from Allwinners lichee BSP tarballAndre Przywara
2014-08-28Merge pull request #205 from danh-arm/dh/1.0-docsdanh-arm
2014-08-28Merge pull request #204 from danh-arm/dh/user-guide-fixesdanh-arm
2014-08-28Documentation for version 1.0Dan Handley
2014-08-28Fix minor issues in user guideDan Handley
2014-08-27Merge pull request #203 from danh-arm/dh/misc-docs-1.0danh-arm
2014-08-27Miscellaneous documentation fixesSandrine Bailleux
2014-08-27Merge pull request #202 from achingupta/ag/fw-design-juno-updatedanh-arm
2014-08-27Add information about Juno in firmware-design.mdJuan Castillo
2014-08-27Merge pull request #200 from danh-arm/dh/fix-reset-to-bl31-part2danh-arm
2014-08-27Merge pull request #201 from danh-arm/jc/juno-user-guidedanh-arm
2014-08-27Add Juno instructions to user guideJuan Castillo
2014-08-27Fix reset to BL3-1 instructions in user guide, part 2Dan Handley
2014-08-21Merge pull request #198 from danh-arm/dh/move-up-dependenciesdanh-arm
2014-08-21Merge pull request #197 from soby-mathew/rationalize_uartsdanh-arm
2014-08-21Rationalize UART usage among different BL stagesSoby Mathew
2014-08-21Move up dependency versions in user guideDan Handley
2014-08-21Merge pull request #196 from soby-mathew/sm/tf_juno_supportdanh-arm
2014-08-21Juno: Read primary CPU MPID from SCC GPR_1Juan Castillo
2014-08-21Juno: Implement PSCI SYSTEM_OFF and SYSTEM_RESET APIsJuan Castillo
2014-08-21Juno: Add support for Test Secure-EL1 PayloadSandrine Bailleux
2014-08-21Juno: Implement PSCI CPU_OFF and CPU_SUSPEND APIsAchin Gupta
2014-08-21Juno: Implement initial platform portSandrine Bailleux
2014-08-20Merge pull request #195 from achingupta/ag/fvp_dt_updatesdanh-arm
2014-08-20Merge pull request #194 from danh-arm/sm/tf-issues#98danh-arm