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authorAndre Przywara <>2016-04-21 02:05:56 +0100
committerAndre Przywara <>2016-06-02 01:29:47 +0100
commitc7c6b845e3a65aed37b4a60c52568b1d97bc12be (patch)
parent713f17de1a768b53bb80b30d52c047f8b3c151dd (diff)
sun50i: move ATF into SRAM C
This moves ATF from the (unsecured) DRAM into SRAM C. Not fully decided if this is the place it should eventually live, but it's better than using the beginning of DRAM for it. SRAM C could be programmed to be secure only (not done here yet). Signed-off-by: Andre Przywara <>
1 files changed, 8 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/plat/sun50iw1p1/sunxi_def.h b/plat/sun50iw1p1/sunxi_def.h
index 4c8e375..024d6d8 100644
--- a/plat/sun50iw1p1/sunxi_def.h
+++ b/plat/sun50iw1p1/sunxi_def.h
@@ -61,8 +61,14 @@
#define SUNXI_MAX_DRAM_SIZE (2ull<<30) /*2G*/
-//monitor area(atf+scp)
-#define SUNXI_TRUSTED_MONITOR_BASE 0x40000000
+ * This puts ATF into SRAM C. The first 32KB (@0x18000) are used by FEL to
+ * hold the FEL stack backups, so leave this free and start after that.
+ * On my board some memory later in SRAM C was unreliable, so having it
+ * compiled with DEBUG=1 showed weird errors. It should be checked if this
+ * just a faulty SoC I have, and if, how wide spread this bug is.
+ */
+#define SUNXI_TRUSTED_MONITOR_BASE 0x00020000 /* 32KB into SRAM C */
#define SUNXI_TRUSTED_MONITOR_SIZE (64 << 10) /* 64 KByte */
//sec os area