BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
lynx-3.10-without-ariscsun50iw1p1: Add ARISC emulator service.Christoph Muellner7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-03-08sun50iw1p1: Add ARISC emulator service.HEADlynx-3.10-without-ariscChristoph Muellner
2017-03-08sun50iw1p1: Rewrite PMIC driver.Christoph Muellner
2017-03-08sun50iw1p1: Make RSB read/write calls MP-safe.Christoph Muellner
2017-03-08sun50iw1p1: Separate RSB driver from PMIC code.Christoph Muellner
2017-03-08sun50iw1p1: Add function to get current CPU speed.Christoph Muellner
2017-03-08sun50iw1p1: Generalize CPU PLL setup code for arbitrary frequencies.Christoph Muellner
2017-02-02sun50iw1p1: Adjust PMIC setting for the A64-uQ7 (DDR3L and GbE PHY)Philipp Tomsich
2017-02-02sun50iw1p1: Adjust clock initialisation to follow Allwinner's guidancePhilipp Tomsich
2017-02-02sun50iw1p1: Perform power-setup before increasing operating clocksPhilipp Tomsich
2016-11-11avoid PLL_CPUX setup on H5Andre Przywara