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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-17dm: blk: Add tests for block devicesSimon Glass
2016-03-14dm: usb: Clean up USB after each testSimon Glass
2016-03-14dm: block: Adjust device calls to go through helpers functionSimon Glass
2016-03-14dm: blk: Rename get_device() to blk_get_device_by_str()Simon Glass
2016-03-14dm: Drop the block_dev_desc_t typedefSimon Glass
2016-02-26spi: Re-enable the SPI flash testsSimon Glass
2016-02-26trace: Improve the trace test number recognitionSimon Glass
2016-02-26image: Fix FIT and vboot tests to exit sandbox correctlySimon Glass
2016-02-26test/py: skip tests that require large CONFIG_SYS_MAXARGSStephen Warren
2016-02-26test/py: use space to interrupt autobootStephen Warren
2016-02-25test/py: Add option to skip SPL signature checkingMichal Simek
2016-02-24test/py: only check for SPL signature if SPL uses serial outputHeiko Schocher
2016-02-15test/py: put "Starting U-Boot" into separate log sectionStephen Warren
2016-02-15test/py: handle exceptions in console creationStephen Warren
2016-02-15test/py: print summary in test orderStephen Warren
2016-02-15test/py: fix CONFIG_SPL testStephen Warren
2016-02-15test/py: don't import pexpectStephen Warren
2016-02-15test/py: add docs for gdbserver and pytest optionsStephen Warren
2016-02-15test/py: run all "ut" subtestsStephen Warren
2016-02-09test/py: capture the entire U-Boot version at bootStephen Warren
2016-02-09test/py: fix off-by-one error in spawn matching codeStephen Warren
2016-02-09test/py: HTML awesome!Stephen Warren
2016-02-09test/py: exit(1) if there are problems running py.testStephen Warren
2016-02-08test/py: support running sandbox under gdbserverStephen Warren
2016-02-06video: test: Adjust order of file closureSimon Glass
2016-01-30video: test: Add console tests for truetypeSimon Glass
2016-01-30video: sandbox: Enable truetype fonts for sandboxSimon Glass
2016-01-30video: Handle the 'bell' characterSimon Glass
2016-01-30video: Use fractional units for X coordinatesSimon Glass
2016-01-28test/py: dfu: allow boardenv to specify test sizesStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/py: fix a couple typos in commentsStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/py: run sandbox in source directoryStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/py: pass test DTB to sandboxStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/py: correctly log xfail/xpass testsStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/py: detect another "bad pattern" in console outputStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/py: check for bad patterns everywhere we waitStephen Warren calculate bad patterns on change onlyStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/py: fix spawn.expect multiple match handlingStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/dm: clear unit test failure count each runStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/py: Provide custom IDs when parametrizing testsStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/py: Quote consistencyStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/py: use " for docstringsStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/py: make net test aware of USB and PCI enumerationStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/py: dfu: error out if USB device already existsStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/py: make crash detection more robustStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/py: add a networking testStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/py: move find_ram_base() into u_boot_utilsStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/py: add DFU testStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/py: ums: add filesystem-based testingStephen Warren
2016-01-28test/py: add various utility codeStephen Warren