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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-18spl: inject '/boot-device' into FDTPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18spl: fit: add support for post-processing of imagesDaniel Allred
2016-09-18spl: Allow to load a FIT containing U-Boot from FSLokesh Vutla
2016-09-18ARM: sunxi: add support for the A80-Q7 modulePhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18pmic: add DM driver for the AXP806 and AXP809Philipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: support the AXP809 PMIC (for A80 platforms)Philipp Tomsich
2016-09-18ARM: sun9i: increase CONFIG_SPL_MAX_SIZEPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: always compile as THUMB for sun9iPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: enable SPL for sun9iPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: Do not define CONFIG_PHY_ADDR for SUNXI_GMACPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: Support UART4 on A80 (sun9i) as system consolePhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18usb: gadget: Move CONFIG_USB_GADGET to KconfigSam Protsenko
2016-09-18arm: mvebu: theadorable: Add StratixV FPGA programming supportStefan Roese
2016-09-18fpga: altera: Add StratixV supportStefan Roese
2016-09-18ARM: sheevaplug: correct nand partition layoutPeter Korsgaard
2016-09-18sunxi: Enable realtek phy supportHans de Goede
2016-09-18include/dt-bindings: Sync some files with the kernelHans de Goede
2016-03-24ARM: uniphier: switch to raw U-Boot imageMasahiro Yamada
2016-03-24ARM: uniphier: add NOR boot supportMasahiro Yamada
2016-03-24ARM: uniphier: drop PH1- prefix from CONFIG options and file namesMasahiro Yamada
2016-03-24ARM: uniphier: fix bogus commentMasahiro Yamada
2016-03-24ARM: uniphier: remove commented out defineMasahiro Yamada
2016-03-22net: Move CONFIG_RTL8169 to KconfigBin Meng
2016-03-22net: Move CONFIG_RTL8139 to KconfigBin Meng
2016-03-22Fix spelling of "transferred".Vagrant Cascadian
2016-03-22cmd: Fix license commandTom Rini
2016-03-22serial: pl01x: Add support for devices with the rate pre-configured.Eric Anholt
2016-03-22Drop various features when the command line is not availableSimon Glass
2016-03-22Allow command code to compile to nothingSimon Glass
2016-03-22ti: k2g: increase phy autoneg timeoutVitaly Andrianov
2016-03-22Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini
2016-03-21armv8/ls1043aqds: Enable ID_EEPROM support for ls1043aqdsWenbin Song
2016-03-21arm: ls102xa: Enable CONFIG_SYS_CONSOLE_IS_IN_ENV supportAlison Wang
2016-03-21driver/ddr/fsl: Add address parity support for DDR4 UDIMM/discreteShengzhou Liu
2016-03-21pci: make pci_get_hose_head() available to external usersStuart Yoder
2016-03-21boards: ls2080: Fix default bootargsYork Sun
2016-03-21armv8: ls2080ardb: invert irq pins polarity for AQR405 PHYShaohui Xie
2016-03-21strider: use optimised bus timing for FPGA accessReinhard Pfau
2016-03-21strider: Define pca593x widthsDirk Eibach
2016-03-20Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini
2016-03-20arm: socfpga: sr1500: Misc updates (SPI speed, env location)Stefan Roese
2016-03-20arm: socfpga: Allow boards to define a custom environment sizeStefan Roese
2016-03-20arm: socfpga: Fix SR1500 env positionMarek Vasut
2016-03-20arm: socfpga: Enabling U-Boot environment support in QSPIChin Liang See
2016-03-20usb: Change power-on / scanning timeout handlingStefan Roese
2016-03-17dm: ns16550: Add support for reg-offset propertyMichal Simek
2016-03-17x86: Add congatec conga-QA3/E3845-4G (Bay Trail) supportStefan Roese
2016-03-17x86: Add support for the samus chromebookSimon Glass
2016-03-17x86: dts: Drop memory SPD compatible stringSimon Glass
2016-03-17x86: Fix a header nit in x86-chromebook.hSimon Glass