path: root/fs/ext4
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-14dm: block: Adjust device calls to go through helpers functionSimon Glass
2016-03-14dm: Drop the block_dev_desc_t typedefSimon Glass
2016-01-13ext4_common.c: Clean up failure cases in alloc_triple_indirect_blockTom Rini
2016-01-13block: pass block dev not num to read/write/erase()Stephen Warren
2015-11-23fs: ext4: Prevent infinite loop in ext4fs_iterate_dirThomas Fitzsimmons
2015-09-11fs: ext4: fix symlink read functionGary Bisson
2015-09-11ext4: fix leak in check_filename()Stephen Warren
2015-09-11ext4: free allocations by parse_path()Stephen Warren
2015-09-11ext4: avoid calling ext4fs_mount() twice, which leaksStephen Warren
2015-09-11Move ALLOC_CACHE_ALIGN_BUFFER() to the new memalign.h headerSimon Glass
2015-03-05fs: ext4 write: return file len on successPrzemyslaw Marczak
2014-12-01fs/ext4/ext4fs.c, fs/fs.c fs/fat/fat_write.c: Adjust 64bit math methodsTom Rini
2014-11-23fs: API changes enabling extra parameter to return size of type loff_tSuriyan Ramasami
2014-11-23ext4: Prepare API change for files greater than 2GBSuriyan Ramasami
2014-11-23fs: make it possible to read the filesystem UUIDChristian Gmeiner
2014-11-23linux/kernel.h: sync min, max, min3, max3 macros with LinuxMasahiro Yamada
2014-10-27ext4: Use inttypes for printf() stringSimon Glass
2014-09-24kconfig: add blank Kconfig filesMasahiro Yamada
2014-08-09fs: implement size/fatsize/ext4sizeStephen Warren
2014-06-19fs: ext4: fix writing zero-length filesStephen Warren
2014-06-11ext4: correctly zero filenameJeroen Hofstee
2014-05-12fs:ext4:write:fix: Reinitialize global variables after updating a fileŁukasz Majewski
2014-05-12fs:ext4:cleanup: Remove superfluous codeŁukasz Majewski
2014-02-26Revert "ext4fs: Add ext4 extent cache for read operations"Tom Rini
2014-02-21ext4fs: Add ext4 extent cache for read operationsIonut Nicu
2014-02-19ext4: implement exists() for ext4fsStephen Warren
2014-01-20ext4fs: fix "invalid extent block" errorIonut Nicu
2014-01-20ext4fs: use EXT2_BLOCK_SIZE instead of fs->blkszIonut Nicu
2014-01-20fs/ext4: fix calling put_ext4 with truncated offsetMa Haijun
2014-01-20fs/ext4: fix partition size get truncated in calculationMa Haijun
2013-11-17fs: descend into sub directories when it is necessaryMasahiro Yamada
2013-10-31fs: convert makefiles to Kbuild styleMasahiro Yamada
2013-07-24Add GPL-2.0+ SPDX-License-Identifier to source filesWolfgang Denk
2013-07-22ext4fs: le32_to_cpu() used on a 16-bit fieldRommel Custodio
2013-07-15Fix ext2/ext4 filesystem accesses beyond 2TiBFrederic Leroy
2013-05-24ext4: assign get_fs()->dev_desc before using itStephen Warren
2013-05-10fs/ext4: Support device block sizes != 512 bytesEgbert Eich
2013-04-01Consolidate bool typeYork Sun
2013-03-04fs: Move ls and read methods into ext4, fatSimon Glass
2013-03-04ext4: Split write support into its own fileSimon Glass
2012-12-07fs:ext4:write: Initialize cache aligned filename bufferŁukasz Majewski
2012-12-07fs:ext4:fix: Code refactoring to suppress compiler warningsŁukasz Majewski
2012-12-07fs:ext4:write: Store block device descriptor in file system structureŁukasz Majewski
2012-12-07fs:ext4:write: Add lldiv and do_div to perform 64-32 bits divisionŁukasz Majewski
2012-10-29fs: separate CONFIG_FS_{FAT, EXT4} from CONFIG_CMD_{FAT, EXT*}Stephen Warren
2012-10-03ext4: Rename block group descriptor table from gd to bgdSimon Glass
2012-09-25cmd_extX: use common get_device_and_partition functionRob Herring
2012-09-25ext4: remove init_fs/deinit_fsRob Herring
2012-09-20ext4: cache-align buffers so the invalidation worksStephen Warren
2012-08-09ext4fs write supportUma Shankar