path: root/disk/part_dos.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-05-01disk/part_dos: check harder for partition tableEgbert Eich
2013-03-14disk: define HAVE_BLOCK_DEVICE in a common placeStephen Warren
2012-10-17disk: part_dos: print partition UUID in partition listStephen Warren
2012-10-17disk: part_dos: checkpatch cleanupsStephen Warren
2012-10-08disk: part_dos: don't claim whole-disk FAT filesystemsStephen Warren
2012-09-25disk: part_msdos: parse and store partition UUIDStephen Warren
2012-09-25disk/part: check bootable flag for DOS partitionsRob Herring
2012-06-21Block: Remove MG DISK supportMarek Vasut
2012-04-30part_dos: align disk buffers on cache line to enable DMA and cacheEric Nelson
2011-07-27part_dos: fix crash with big sector sizeSergei Shtylyov
2010-07-24FAT32: fix support for superfloppy-format (PBR)Wolfgang Denk
2009-10-18part_dos: check status flags of partitionsDaniel Mack
2009-08-09Partition support: remove newline from partition nameWolfgang Denk
2009-04-03mflash: Initial mflash supportunsik Kim
2009-02-18disk: convert part_* files to COBJ-$(CONFIG_XXX) styleMike Frysinger
2008-03-26ata: add the support for SATA frameworkDave Liu
2007-07-09disk/: Remove obsolete references to CONFIG_COMMANDSJon Loeliger
2007-07-04disk/: Augment CONFIG_COMMANDS tests with defined(CONFIG_CMD_*).Jon Loeliger
2005-10-13Cleanup for GCC-4.xWolfgang Denk
2005-02-24Cleanup USB and partition defineswdenk
2004-02-23* CVS add missing fileswdenk
2003-09-10* Patches by Denis Peter, 9 Sep 2003:wdenk
2003-09-10* Add support for USB Mass Storage Devices (BBB)wdenk
2003-06-29Fix some missing commands, cleanup header fileswdenk
2003-06-27* Code cleanup:wdenk
2003-05-20* Patch by David Updegraff, 22 Apr 2003:wdenk
2002-11-03Initial revisionwdenk