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2016-09-18sun9i: armadillo: select bootdevice via devicetreeHEADv2016.03-armadilloPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18ARM: sunxi: armadillo: Customize CLI promptKlaus Goger
2016-09-18ARM: sunxi: add support for the A80-Q7 modulePhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18usb: gadget: Move CONFIG_USB_GADGET to KconfigSam Protsenko
2016-09-18arm: mvebu: theadorable: Add StratixV FPGA programming supportStefan Roese
2016-09-18sunxi: Select CONFIG_OF_BOARD_SETUP from arch/arm/KconfigHans de Goede
2016-09-18sunxi: sinovoip-bpi-m3: drop LDO settings from defconfigvishnupatekar
2016-09-18sunxi: Specify SATAPWR pin for Orangepi PlusHans de Goede
2016-09-18sunxi: Enable support for the eMMC found on the orangepi plusHans de Goede
2016-09-18sunxi: Specify USB vbus pins for orangepi boardsHans de Goede
2016-09-18sunxi: Enable composite video out on the CHIPAlex Kaplan
2016-09-18sunxi: Fix DCDC2 output in CHIP_defconfigBoris Brezillon
2016-09-18sunxi: Add defconfig and dts for Orange Pi 2 SBCHans de Goede
2016-09-18sunxi: Add defconfig and dts for Dserve DSRV9703C tabletHans de Goede
2016-09-18sunxi: Add defconfig for yones toptech bs1078-v2 tabletPeter Korsgaard
2016-09-18sunxi: Add defconfig for Sinlinx SinA31sChen-Yu Tsai
2016-09-18sunxi: Add defconfig for icnova-a20-swacStefan Roese
2016-09-18sun7i: Add defconfig for the Itead IboxMarcus Cooper
2016-09-18sunxi: Add defconfig for Cubietruck PlusChen-Yu Tsai
2016-09-18sunxi: Add defconfig and dts for the Polaroid MID2809PXE4 tabletHans de Goede
2016-09-18sunxi: Add defconfig and dts for Difrence DIT4350 tabletHans de Goede
2016-09-18sunxi: Add defconfig and dts for colorfly e708 q1 tabletHans de Goede
2016-03-24ARM: uniphier: drop PH1- prefix from CONFIG options and file namesMasahiro Yamada
2016-03-22net: Move CONFIG_RTL8169 to KconfigBin Meng
2016-03-22net: Move CONFIG_RTL8139 to KconfigBin Meng
2016-03-22defconfig: Reorder boards' defconfig filesBin Meng
2016-03-20arm: socfpga: sr1500: Misc updates (SPI speed, env location)Stefan Roese
2016-03-17dm: sandbox: Switch over to use DM for block devicesSimon Glass
2016-03-17x86: Add congatec conga-QA3/E3845-4G (Bay Trail) supportStefan Roese
2016-03-17x86: Add support for the samus chromebookSimon Glass
2016-03-17x86: gpio: Allow the pinctrl driver to set up the pin configSimon Glass
2016-03-17x86: qemu: Enable ACPI table generation by defaultBin Meng
2016-03-15ARM: DRA7xx: Enable NFS boot commandAndrew F. Davis
2016-03-15efi_loader: hook up in build environmentAlexander Graf
2016-03-15kc1: MUSB USB controller and fastboot USB gadget supportPaul Kocialkowski
2016-03-15Amazon Kindle Fire (first generation) codename kc1 supportPaul Kocialkowski
2016-03-14arm: Add support for LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3David Lechner
2016-03-14configs: k2g_evm: Add TI power processor supportNishanth Menon
2016-03-14Kconfig: Move CONFIG_FIT and related options to KconfigSimon Glass
2016-03-14Move CONFIG_OF_LIBFDT to KconfigSimon Glass
2016-03-14freescale: Remove CONFIG_DM from header filesSimon Glass
2016-03-14Correct defconfig orderingSimon Glass
2016-03-09MIPS: pic32mzdask: use CONFIG_USE_PRIVATE_LIBGCC=yDaniel Schwierzeck
2016-03-08OMAP3: am3517_evm: Add NAND MTD partitions with UBI/UBIFS supportDerald D. Woods
2016-02-29sniper: Various minor cleanups, missing Kconfig configs and reorganisationPaul Kocialkowski
2016-02-29ARM: uniphier: rework UniPhier SoC select in KconfigMasahiro Yamada
2016-02-29ARM: uniphier: merge two defconfig filesMasahiro Yamada
2016-02-29ARM: uniphier: enable UniPhier SD/MMC host driverMasahiro Yamada
2016-02-29ARM: uniphier: enable GPIO command and driver for UniPhier SoCsMasahiro Yamada
2016-02-26sandbox: Enable the early timerSimon Glass