AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-18sun9i: armadillo: select bootdevice via devicetreeHEADv2016.03-armadilloPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18spl: inject '/boot-device' into FDTPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18spl: Provide a FIT-only policy via SPL_LOAD_FIT_ONLYPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: Provide board_fit_config_name_match() hook functionPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: Set probing order for SPL via board_boot_order() for sun9iPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18spl: fit: Fix the number of bytes read in raw modeLokesh Vutla
2016-09-18spl: fit: add support for post-processing of imagesDaniel Allred
2016-09-18spl: fit: Fix non-matching DT names console outputAndreas Dannenberg
2016-09-18spl: fit: Fix load address of fit headerLokesh Vutla
2016-09-18spl: Allow to load a FIT containing U-Boot from FSLokesh Vutla
2016-09-18spl: fit: Do not print selected dtb during fit loadLokesh Vutla
2016-09-18spl: fit: Fix the number of bytes read when reading fdt from fitLokesh Vutla
2016-09-18SPL: FIT: Align loading address for headerMichal Simek
2016-09-18spl: fit: Print error message when FDT is not presentMichal Simek
2016-09-18ARM: sunxi: add emmcboot commandKlaus Goger
2016-09-18sun9i: armadillo: led blink for boot feedbackKlaus Goger
2016-09-18sun9i: armadillo: set CLKB_OUT and reset USB hubsKlaus Goger
2016-09-18ARM: sunxi: armadillo: Customize CLI promptKlaus Goger
2016-09-18ARM: sunxi: armadillo: enable ATX power supplyKlaus Goger
2016-09-18ARM: sunxi: introduce SUNXI_ARMADILLO Kconfig optionKlaus Goger
2016-09-18ARM: sunxi: add support for the A80-Q7 modulePhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18ARM: sun9i: SPI support for sun9iPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: improve throughput in the sunxi_mmc driverPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sun9i: improved clock setup for better boot reliabilityPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18ARM: sunxi: non-DM-interface for sunxi SPIPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18ARM: sun6i: spi: implements SPI driverOctav Zlatior
2016-09-18sun9i: Adjust clock-setup to match what Allwinner used in U-BootPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: Support chip-id reading on sun9i (A80)Philipp Tomsich
2016-09-18pmic: add DM driver for the AXP806 and AXP809Philipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: Add support for the AXP806 on sun9iPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: support the AXP809 PMIC (for A80 platforms)Philipp Tomsich
2016-09-18dm: pmic: wrap RSB into dm driverPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18ARM: sun9i: increase CONFIG_SPL_MAX_SIZEPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: always compile as THUMB for sun9iPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: enable SPL for sun9iPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: add initial clock setup for sun9i for SPLPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: mark SDC2 on sun9i (A80) as capable of 8-bit modePhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18mmc: call MMC reset before probing for MMC after failed SD probePhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: issue a MMC hardware reset on core_initPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: add MMC pinmux setup for SDC2 on sun9iPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: Do not define CONFIG_PHY_ADDR for SUNXI_GMACPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: Support GbE controller (GMAC) for sun9i (A80)Philipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: Support UART4 on A80 (sun9i) as system consolePhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: Enable SMP mode for sun9i (A80)Philipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: add gtbus-initialisation for sun9iPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18sunxi: DRAM initialisation for sun9iPhilipp Tomsich
2016-09-18usb: gadget: Move CONFIG_USB_GADGET to KconfigSam Protsenko
2016-09-18tools: kwboot: Add xmodem timeout optionKevin Smith
2016-09-18tools: kwboot: Clean up usage textKevin Smith
2016-09-18arm: mvebu: db-88f6820: Drop obsolete binary.0 placeholderAndreas Färber