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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-30Fix ps -Z so it combines with other arguments.Elliott Hughes
2015-10-30Remove the name filtering from toolbox ps.Elliott Hughes
2015-10-23Lose df to toybox.Elliott Hughes
2015-09-14Lose du to toybox.Elliott Hughes
2015-09-11Lose lsof to toybox.Elliott Hughes
2015-09-03Merge "Lose ls to toybox."Elliott Hughes
2015-08-31Lose ls to toybox.Elliott Hughes
2015-08-31Merge "Lose uptime to toybox."Elliott Hughes
2015-08-24lsof fixes.Elliott Hughes
2015-08-17Lose uptime to toybox.Elliott Hughes
2015-08-14Lose ionice and renice to toybox.Elliott Hughes
2015-08-10Remove watchprops.Elliott Hughes
2015-07-30Toolbox: Disable unused-const-variable warningAndreas Gampe
2015-06-08Switch to toybox mount(1).Elliott Hughes
2015-06-05Make start/stop warn if you're not root.Elliott Hughes
2015-05-16Revert "Switch to toybox ls."Elliott Hughes
2015-05-15Switch to toybox ls.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-25Improve toolbox SIGPIPE behavior.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-08Move ls implementation detail into ls.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-07Lose getprop to toybox.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-07Lose setprop to toybox.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-07Lose restorecon to toybox.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-02Lose umount to toybox.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-02Remove LOCAL_ADDITIONAL_DEPENDENCIES in cases where it's not needed.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-01toolbox: ioctl: fix signedness on ioctl_nrChris Fries
2015-03-30Lose route to toybox.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-30toolbox: Fixed type mismatch for ioctl(BLKGETSIZE)Johan Redestig
2015-03-28Lose load_policy to toybox.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-25$ANDROID_BUILD_TOP isn't set for continuous builds.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-25Auto-generate the getevent labels from <linux/input.h>.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-23Lose runcon to toybox.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-20Remove /dev/alarm cruft from uptime.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-19Remove schedtop.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-16Remove obsolete smd tool.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-13Remove getsebool/setsebool from init and toolbox.Stephen Smalley
2015-03-10am ed5b81c9: Merge "Fix LP32 build."Elliott Hughes
2015-03-10am 9cce837d: Merge "Increase output width for wchan and pc on 64 bit targets."Elliott Hughes
2015-03-09Fix LP32 build.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-09Increase output width for wchan and pc on 64 bit targets.Chris Dearman
2015-03-07am 6385d626: Merge "Remove toolbox\'s obsolete \'wipe\' command."Elliott Hughes
2015-03-07Remove toolbox's obsolete 'wipe' command.Elliott Hughes
2015-02-10am 830914a4: Merge "Lose touch to toybox."Elliott Hughes
2015-02-09Lose touch to toybox.Elliott Hughes
2015-02-05am 051f369a: Merge "Build BSD grep separately from toolbox."Elliott Hughes
2015-02-04Build BSD grep separately from toolbox.Elliott Hughes
2015-01-30am 0114e124: Merge "Add ps --ppid."Elliott Hughes
2015-01-29Add ps --ppid.Elliott Hughes
2015-01-28am 06b4e982: Merge "Add missing <malloc.h> and <string.h> includes."Elliott Hughes
2015-01-28Add missing <malloc.h> and <string.h> includes.Elliott Hughes
2015-01-25am ae79cb5a: Merge "Add missing <string.h> includes."Elliott Hughes