path: root/sdcard
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-06-04More code cleanup.Jeff Brown
2012-06-04Code cleanup.Jeff Brown
2012-05-01sdcard: use FUSE_BIG_WRITES for FUSE writesSundar Raman
2012-04-09Migrate emulated SD card to /storage/sdcard.Jeff Sharkey
2011-07-22Fix returning errno values which should be negative.Yuncheol Heo
2011-03-24am b26662c0: am c3e69903: am 97919656: Add support for the utime(2) family of...Ken Sumrall
2011-03-24Add support for the utime(2) family of system calls to the sdcard fuse filesy...Ken Sumrall
2011-03-16Fix uninitialized variable bug in sdcard emulatorTerry Heo (Woncheol)
2011-01-25sdcard: Fix readdir implementation so rewinddir will work correctlyMike Lockwood
2011-01-23sdcard: Remove lower case squashing of file namesMike Lockwood
2011-01-17sdcard: Fix lower case squashing for case insensitivity support.Mike Lockwood
2011-01-13sdcard: Have the -f option fix user/group permissions as well as file name caseMike Lockwood
2011-01-12sdcard: Add command line options for lowercase file name squashing:Mike Lockwood
2011-01-12sdcard: Force file names to lower case in order to provide case insensitivityMike Lockwood
2011-01-11Use pread64/pwrite64 instead of pread/pwriteKenny Root
2011-01-04Fix refcounting in the rename case.Paul Eastham
2010-10-14Properly reflect RENAME ops in FUSE internal statePaul Eastham
2010-09-24Partially implement SETATTR for sdcard/FUSEPaul Eastham
2010-08-20sdcard: Add support for the O_TRUNC open() flagMike Lockwood
2010-08-16sdcard: Implement statfs, stat time values and change mount point to /mnt/sdcardMike Lockwood
2010-08-12fix up permissionsBrian Swetland
2010-08-12sdcard: a program to create a "virtual" /sdcard pointed at a pathBrian Swetland