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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-28Move sdcard off PAGESIZE and onto PAGE_SIZE.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-24Correct magic number on umount2William Roberts
2015-04-04Merge "sdcard: Properly handle deleted nodes"Elliott Hughes
2015-04-02Merge "sdcard: Turn on noatime for fuse mounted sdcard"Elliott Hughes
2015-03-16sdcard doesn't need to explicitly ask for libc!Elliott Hughes
2015-02-20sdcard: Properly handle deleted nodesKrzysztof Adamski
2015-01-25sdcard: Turn on noatime for fuse mounted sdcardJohan Redestig
2015-01-15sdcard : inode numbers must be fully representable as uint32_t.Narayan Kamath
2014-12-10Merge "Allow updates for open file descriptors"Marco Nelissen
2014-12-10Allow updates for open file descriptorsMarco Nelissen
2014-11-24sdcard: mount sdcard with the noexec optionDaisuke Okitsu
2014-11-13Sdcard: Initialize the padding output valueDaisuke Okitsu
2014-11-10bionic's struct stat is now POSIX-compliant.Elliott Hughes
2014-09-16am f37bfb32: am 23aeeff5: Merge "Use the correct fuse_init_out structure size."Christopher Ferris
2014-09-15Use the correct fuse_init_out structure size.Christopher Ferris
2014-07-31am 33a5575a: am 39a8ade7: Merge "Fix sdcard truncates."Elliott Hughes
2014-07-31Fix sdcard truncates.Elliott Hughes
2014-07-24Merge "sdcard: ensure installd fs upgrade has completed" into lmp-devNick Kralevich
2014-07-24sdcard: ensure installd fs upgrade has completedNick Kralevich
2014-07-24Correction to TRACE format stringsMarcus Oakland
2014-07-25sdcard: ensure installd fs upgrade has completedNick Kralevich
2014-07-24Correction to TRACE format stringsMarcus Oakland
2014-07-09am f043f061: am 060b6ecb: am 6e141aea: Merge "Fix sdcard\'s FUSE_FSYNCDIR han...Elliott Hughes
2014-07-09am 94645665: am f8acdcbe: am 75b7171f: Merge "Make sdcard log to the log rath...Elliott Hughes
2014-07-08Make sdcard log to the log rather than stderr.Elliott Hughes
2014-07-08Fix sdcard's FUSE_FSYNCDIR handling.Elliott Hughes
2014-05-30am 2e7d80d1: Per-app media directories on external storage.Jeff Sharkey
2014-05-30Per-app media directories on external storage.Jeff Sharkey
2014-05-21sdcard: Turn on -WerrorMark Salyzyn
2014-05-07Use bionic's <linux/fuse.h>.Elliott Hughes
2014-02-19Handle FUSE_FSYNCDIR as FUSE_FSYNCDaisuke Okitsu
2014-02-18sdcard: direct I/O file access write buffer alignmentArpad Horvath
2014-02-14sdcard: direct I/O file access fixArpad Horvath
2014-02-05system/core LP64 cleanup.Elliott Hughes
2013-10-08Set GID required to write, media_rw mount point.Jeff Sharkey
2013-09-20Remove mkdir() side effect, add .nomedia, utils.Jeff Sharkey
2013-08-30Only check caller when deriving permissions.Jeff Sharkey
2013-08-30Fix recursive locking bug.Jeff Sharkey
2013-08-15Merge "Fix handle_opendir() in the sdcard daemon" into klp-devKen Sumrall
2013-08-14Fix handle_opendir() in the sdcard daemonKen Sumrall
2013-08-14Add legacy layout support to FUSE, enforce write.Jeff Sharkey
2013-08-08Richer SD card permissions through FUSE.Jeff Sharkey
2013-02-11Raise the max file open limit in sdcardKen Sumrall
2012-08-15resolved conflicts for merge of 2237ca4c to jb-mr1-devJean-Baptiste Queru
2012-08-14Fixing signed/unsigned comparison warningsEdwin Vane
2012-08-13Source and destination paths for sdcard.Jeff Sharkey
2012-06-04Make sdcard daemon multi-threaded.Jeff Brown
2012-06-04Refactor request opcode handlers.Jeff Brown
2012-06-04Move buffers into a handler structure.Jeff Brown
2012-06-04Implement FUSE_FSYNC request.Jeff Brown