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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-04-01package missing include for string.hMark Salyzyn
2015-03-31run-as: bracket capabilityMark Salyzyn
2014-05-08run-as: build 1161573 failureMark Salyzyn
2014-05-07run-as: turn on -WerrorMark Salyzyn
2013-08-28am aed27f80: am b0739c66: Fix run-as which was broken in Android 4.3Alex Klyubin
2013-08-21Fix run-as which was broken in Android 4.3Alex Klyubin
2013-08-20Enable run-as to read packages.list now owned by package_info.Alex Klyubin
2013-08-14Add legacy layout support to FUSE, enforce write.Jeff Sharkey
2013-03-28am f19e045c: am c8df252f: Merge "run-as: Get seinfo from packages.list and pa...Geremy Condra
2013-03-28run-as: Get seinfo from packages.list and pass to libselinux.Robert Craig
2013-03-05am af4ececc: am 515bed0e: Merge "run-as: set the SELinux security context."Colin Cross
2013-02-15adb: drop capability bounding set on user buildsNick Kralevich
2012-11-13run-as: set the SELinux security context.Stephen Smalley
2012-02-09do more checks on packages.listNick Kralevich
2012-01-23Don't statically compile run-asNick Kralevich
2011-12-06run-as: use mmap to read package list fileDavid 'Digit' Turner
2011-06-06run-as: Bump the size of the internal packages list buffer.David 'Digit' Turner
2010-03-17Add 'run-as' command implementation as set-uid program.David 'Digit' Turner