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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-04Merge "move uncrypt from init.rc to uncrypt.rc"Tom Cherry
2015-09-03move uncrypt from init.rc to uncrypt.rcTom Cherry
2015-09-03combine adbd.rc with init.usb.rcTom Cherry
2015-09-03move init.trace.rc to frameworks/nativeTom Cherry
2015-08-24remove TARGET_PROVIDES_INIT_RCTom Cherry
2015-08-21remove bundled services from rootdir/init.rcTom Cherry
2015-08-16Merge "Read global ASAN_OPTIONS from a file."Evgenii Stepanov
2015-08-12Added file permissions for binder tracingScott Bauer
2015-08-12Merge "Added shell permisisons for memreclaim tracing"Riley Andrews
2015-08-10Read global ASAN_OPTIONS from a file.Evgenii Stepanov
2015-08-04rootdir: Create symlinks in Android.mkDaniel Rosenberg
2015-07-29Introduce a mechanism to trace boot sequence.Yasuhiro Matsuda
2015-07-25init.rc: mkdir /data/anr 0775 system systemNick Kralevich
2015-07-20Merge "rootdir: Create cache folder in"Daniel Rosenberg
2015-07-18Fix N9 boot.Elliott Hughes
2015-07-16Added shell permisisons for memreclaim tracingScott Bauer
2015-07-14rootdir: Create cache folder in Android.mkDaniel Rosenberg
2015-07-08Remove creation of root directory foldersDaniel Rosenberg
2015-07-08rootdir: Create folders in Android.mkDaniel Rosenberg
2015-06-19SANITIZE_TARGET: set global ASAN_OPTIONSEvgenii Stepanov
2015-06-09Change pre-recovery into two servicesTao Bao
2015-06-03tzdatacheck: don't hard code SELinux domain nameNick Kralevich
2015-06-02init.rc: logd: Add logpersistd (nee logcatd)Mark Salyzyn
2015-06-02rootdir: init.trace.rc too earlyMark Salyzyn
2015-05-27Move perfprofd to late_start class.Than McIntosh
2015-05-22Revert "Set up crypto for user directories in init."Paul Lawrence
2015-05-20Set up crypto for user directories in init.Paul Crowley
2015-05-06Merge "Add /data/misc/perfprofd to store perf profile."Nick Kralevich
2015-05-05rootdir: make sure the /oem mountpoint is always availableNick Kralevich
2015-05-05Add /data/misc/perfprofd to store perf profile.Dehao Chen
2015-04-28Invoke perfprofd daemon (only for userdebug/eng builds).Than McIntosh
2015-04-27Merge "Securely encrypt the master key"Paul Lawrence
2015-04-24Revert "Revert "Make init re-exec itself for its SELinux domain transition.""Elliott Hughes
2015-04-24Merge "Revert "Make init re-exec itself for its SELinux domain transition.""Nick Kralevich
2015-04-24Revert "Make init re-exec itself for its SELinux domain transition."Nick Kralevich
2015-04-23Remove long-obsolete file.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-24Merge "Make init re-exec itself for its SELinux domain transition."Elliott Hughes
2015-04-23Merge "rootfs: init.rc start logd parse error"Mark Salyzyn
2015-04-23Make init re-exec itself for its SELinux domain transition.Elliott Hughes
2015-04-23Securely encrypt the master keyPaul Lawrence
2015-04-20rootfs: init.rc start logd parse errorMark Salyzyn
2015-04-20create /data/misc/gatekeeperNick Kralevich
2015-04-13Executable to run on boot that removes old tzdata if neededNeil Fuller
2015-04-08rootfs: init start logd in post-fsMark Salyzyn
2015-04-07Create /data/system/heapdump for system_serverNick Kralevich
2015-03-31Revert "Revert "Adding e4crypt support""Paul Lawrence
2015-03-28Log more timing information from init.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-17Switch init over to _PATH_DEFPATH.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-12init.rc: logd --reinit on changes to persistent propertiesMark Salyzyn
2015-02-27am f33c3bc9: Merge "init: drop dontpanic & apanic initialization"Mark Salyzyn