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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-03-28Log more timing information from init.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-17Switch init over to _PATH_DEFPATH.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-12init.rc: logd --reinit on changes to persistent propertiesMark Salyzyn
2015-02-27am f33c3bc9: Merge "init: drop dontpanic & apanic initialization"Mark Salyzyn
2015-02-27init: drop dontpanic & apanic initializationMark Salyzyn
2015-02-26am 7bb72b73: Merge "seclabel use on services out of system partition"Nick Kralevich
2015-02-23seclabel use on services out of system partitionWilliam Roberts
2015-02-14am 29576ae8: Merge "/vendor is sometimes on a separate partition now."Elliott Hughes
2015-02-13/vendor is sometimes on a separate partition now.Elliott Hughes
2015-02-12am 265df6f5: Merge "bootchart: fix bootchart can not be triggered problem"Elliott Hughes
2015-02-12bootchart: fix bootchart can not be triggered problemYongqin Liu
2015-02-07am 317b4024: Revert "Make encryption configurable"Paul Lawrence
2015-02-06Revert "Make encryption configurable"Paul Lawrence
2015-02-05am f52338fe: Merge "rootdir: enable armv8_deprecated swp hook"Greg Hackmann
2015-02-05rootdir: enable armv8_deprecated swp hookGreg Hackmann
2015-01-31am d07555db: Merge "ensure /data/tombstones exists on all Android devices"Nick Kralevich
2015-01-30ensure /data/tombstones exists on all Android devicesNick Kralevich
2015-01-28Make encryption configurablePaul Lawrence
2015-01-26am bda62724: Make encryption configurablePaul Lawrence
2015-01-21Make encryption configurablePaul Lawrence
2015-01-14am 3802b5d4: Merge "rootdir: add pstore"Mark Salyzyn
2015-01-14rootdir: add pstoreMark Salyzyn
2015-01-13am d3119b19: Merge "Add ip6-localhost to /system/etc/hosts."Yabin Cui
2015-01-13Add ip6-localhost to /system/etc/hosts.Yabin Cui
2014-11-25am 8eb770d3: Merge "Remove long-dead readtty."Elliott Hughes
2014-11-24Remove long-dead readtty.Elliott Hughes
2014-11-05Ensure /data/adb existsNick Kralevich
2014-11-05Ensure /data/adb existsNick Kralevich
2014-10-22Merge commit 'b2042f7263c7bbacc5115de4a42c5a96b64a06f2' into HEADBill Yi
2014-10-21am 37d70f53: am c0b4b8b0: Merge "Ensure /data/adb exists"Nick Kralevich
2014-10-21Ensure /data/adb existsNick Kralevich
2014-10-20Merge "rootdir: Make trusty version readable by dumpstate" into lmp-mr1-devArve Hjønnevåg
2014-10-16rootdir: Make trusty version readable by dumpstateArve Hjønnevåg
2014-10-16Remove libsigchain from LD_PRELOADsDmitriy Ivanov
2014-10-14resolved conflicts for merge of 3f95c89d to lmp-dev-plus-aospDmitriy Ivanov
2014-10-07Remove libsigchain from LD_PRELOADsDmitriy Ivanov
2014-10-07Make the default cgroup, the foreground cgroup.Riley Andrews
2014-10-06Merge "Add bootanimation to audio group so it can play boot sound" into lmp-devMike Lockwood
2014-10-02Add bootanimation to audio group so it can play boot soundMike Lockwood
2014-10-01init.trace.rc: fix race condition with class_start coreFred Fettinger
2014-09-05init.usb.rc: Change product id to for add only configBadhri Jagan Sridharan
2014-08-28Change /dalvik-cache to be owned by root.Alex Light
2014-08-27Change /dalvik-cache to be owned by root.Alex Light
2014-08-26Move bootanim and surfaceflinger to class coreAndres Morales
2014-08-25Merge "Enable not rebooting during default encryption" into lmp-devPaul Lawrence
2014-08-25Enable not rebooting during default encryptionPaul Lawrence
2014-08-17Remove obsolete tcp buffer size system properties.Robert Greenwalt
2014-08-16Merge "Remove inputflinger from init. DO NOT MERGE" into lmp-devMichael Wright
2014-08-19Remove inputflinger from init. DO NOT MERGEMichael Wright
2014-08-07Export the new system_server classpath.Narayan Kamath