path: root/rootdir/init.zygote32_64.rc
AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-02-23Mount schedTune cgroup as /dev/stuneTodd Kjos
Make stune consistent with the other cgroups mounted under /dev Change-Id: I0fe7120ad2afbe8e6a3c9f72cc3f465de618d344
2016-01-25Restart cameraserverChien-Yu Chen
Bug: 24511454 Change-Id: Ia27f4ef0eb71f891c789f637a21b04afe0b1c4e9
2015-12-11Merge "Add audioserver uid and restart service when needed"Andy Hung
2015-11-16Actively mangage EAS schedtune nodesTodd Kjos
Move foreground tasks to /sys/fs/cgroup/stune/boost/tasks (boosted weight in EAS scheduler). Move background tasks to /sys/fs/cgroup/stune/tasks (default weight). For services started with init, set "foreground" services to boosted. Change-Id: I0e489fad9510727c13e6754dabaf311c2391f395
2015-10-30Add audioserver uid and restart service when neededAndy Hung
Bug: 24511453 Change-Id: I6987a82149d23ad671478cf21488c62cb1ecfc93
2015-09-02Add zygote to the foreground cpuset.Tim Murray
This ensures that newly forked zygote processes will end up in the corret cpuset. bug 23751126 Change-Id: I987a2828cf2504963f1317d17f0b51d26cf22a70
2014-05-14Change app_process reference to app_process32.Narayan Kamath
Required due to change 5a7ee9ad63 which makes app_process a symlink to the primary zygote. Change-Id: I940f6302db97f74dd57112e310014e989dc586e5
2014-04-10Add a config for dual mode zygote.Narayan Kamath
Note that init.zygote64.rc, which supports a "pure" 64 bit zygote is around only for testing. The life cycles of both zygotes are controlled by init, and the assumption here is that they will be available always. We start the system_server in 32 bit mode. Note that the distinction between "primary" and "secondary" simply defines the order in which ABI support is queried, there's no real requirement that the primary zygote supports the primary ABI of the device. bug: 13647418 Change-Id: Id0be001ea6f934c3c2022d89a63aae9fae66cc38