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2015-09-04am 100de590: am 5e294902: Merge "init.usb.rc: fix USB typec property names" ↵Vincent Palatin
into mnc-dr-dev * commit '100de590e7f82e1039eebc10e60ea554deeb1c3f': init.usb.rc: fix USB typec property names
2015-09-04am b00a8a06: am e8b0fcec: Merge "combine adbd.rc with init.usb.rc"Tom Cherry
* commit 'b00a8a066f5b6ae5b8d0c03ee7f680389b38a260': combine adbd.rc with init.usb.rc
2015-09-03combine adbd.rc with init.usb.rcTom Cherry
init.usb.rc and adbd.rc contain similar contents and belong in the same file. This file also belongs on the ramdisk as adbd is on the ramdisk, not the system partition, therefore resolving to keep init.usb.rc in its current location and combining the contents of adbd.rc is the best approach Change-Id: I430f8fea58694679e7b8b7be69ce87daadd616f4
2015-09-03init.usb.rc: fix USB typec property namesVincent Palatin
Fix typos in the usb typec properties (sys.usb.typec.*), so the data_role and the power_role can be written properly in the sysfs. Bug: 23790832 Change-Id: I90f591ab37825a07e0610ef1fec0e831eb19515d
2015-09-01init.usb.rc: Add new system property for configfsBadhri Jagan Sridharan
This CL helps to execute a different set of commands for the usb configs specified in init.usb.rc. Aimed at using configfs based commands over android composition driver. Bug=23633457 Change-Id: Ifa5f804e1cff93d15ad57d0ed553300bc5868936
2015-08-17Use init to write usb typec propsTim Kilbourn
The sysfs nodes are owned by root, so use init to write role changes. Bug: 21615151 Change-Id: I39ad03a23af0be9ac859d4fb79a46edc27e30f4e
2014-09-05init.usb.rc: Change product id to for add only configBadhri Jagan Sridharan
Change product id from D002 to 4EE7 when adb is the only supported function Change-Id: I8f6bcb9a1dc5ea6da0493a2dd730f9ac1f0bed24
2013-01-15Revert "init.usb.rc: set sys.usb.config to none before changing it"Benoit Goby
This can cause init to be stucked in a loop in very rare cases where persist.sys.usb.config is set to "none" (because the "setprop sys.usb.config none" action is added twice to the action list). The original issue on encrypted devices has been fixed differently by change # I350c5aab986f8ca86b95f316398d03012553e581 This reverts commit 80828af3def1f37eff1d483520df79ebe4238d55. Change-Id: Id0a7af8dd861c8d10b80a13b540c8a339b432007
2012-12-05init.usb.rc: set sys.usb.config to none before changing itBenoit Goby
On encrypted devices, persistent properties are loaded after the device is decrypted. To properly change sys.usb.config to its persistent value, it must first be set to "none" and then to ${persist.sys.usb.config}. Bug: 7678835 Change-Id: I4f91245cedc04e3178ce9cee21390f5b657733c9
2012-04-11init.rc: Add support for new USB accessory configurationsMike Lockwood
Also moved USB scripts to new file init.usb.rc Change-Id: I98e099fbd8de3eb3e1e18c9ef69312608033a50c Signed-off-by: Mike Lockwood <>