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2017-04-21init.rc: remove bg_non_interactive cgroup [ DO NOT MERGE ]Wei Wang
Change-Id: I5cc1af7204ca847469a58027de82b192a04b5469
2016-12-12Allow bluetooth service to access bluetooth directory and add /logs (2/14)Ajay Panicker
Bug: 31466840 Change-Id: I2c2766a2366600def81708d97cf3f3f13e0eb655 (cherry picked from commit 59d6a8cf8a4867a10f56b36057bffcc344715d3f)
2016-12-07change /data/bugreports to /bugreports am: 04bbd5c6ddNick Kralevich
am: 8be42a8040 Change-Id: Ia28483d5847bebc308c87330e1cab47c8daab449
2016-12-07change /data/bugreports to /bugreportsNick Kralevich
am: 04bbd5c6dd Change-Id: I3b83588438a747d5ba202f629fce83ac841f1043
2016-12-07change /data/bugreports to /bugreportsNick Kralevich
It's 5 characters shorter, has no runtime costs, can be stored on a read-only partition, and avoids problems like b/27262109 and b/27204904. It allows makes some security hardening easier. (cherry picked from commit c4084c669495fd1b41ce8b6568c71b1f46d26969) Bug: 27262109 Bug: 27204904 Bug: 32799236 Test: verified new symlink created and old one not present Change-Id: Ief362e13569ad9c868a7f0f9c4dbd6a328c96c6b
2016-09-06Split fstab mount into 2 phasesWei Wang
This will make it possible to start some key services before mounting data partition (cherry picked from commit abfbec342fdd2fc9d139a88a2d950953918e1b4e) Bug: 30118894 Change-Id: Ia9f8cc035de6cc0df9a61605864915efa0266d7f
2016-07-14Merge "Start update_verifier in cache group" into nyc-mr1-devTianjie Xu
2016-07-14Merge "core/init.rc: Add /data/cache/* directory creation" into nyc-mr1-devPat Tjin
2016-07-12Start update_verifier in cache groupTianjie Xu
Start update_verifier in cache group to avoid dac_override Bug: 30020920 Change-Id: I227b4a0e1c07e7b9bf209b432e9db02275ffe660
2016-07-12Merge "Remove attempt to write sched_compat_yield" into nyc-mr1-devTreeHugger Robot
2016-07-11Merge "Add support for background stune group." into nyc-mr1-devTim Murray
2016-07-11Remove attempt to write sched_compat_yieldTim Kryger
The sched_compat_yield option was eliminated in Linux 2.6.38 by commit ac53db596cc0 ("sched: Use a buddy to implement yield_task_fair()") and as a result, the following error is printed to the log during boot up. init: write_file: Unable to open '/proc/sys/kernel/sched_compat_yield': No such file or directory" Bug: 30034121 Change-Id: Idbdb68de0cb3ab1f67d82a4d66af880bcfdfe261 (cherry picked from commit 724dfbac70ce69c48d3457229411c1c84e9f1c3d)
2016-07-11Merge "init.rc: Remove cpu weight set on the root cgroup" into nyc-mr1-devTreeHugger Robot
2016-07-11Add support for background stune group.Tim Murray
bug 29512132 Change-Id: If8144bfee0fb30cf11f2bb26494ca5e83c11d4d7
2016-07-11init.rc: Remove cpu weight set on the root cgroupIrina Patru
It isn't allowed to change the cpu.share value for the root cgroup. See kernel commit: This fixes the following error seen in dmesg: init: write_file: Unable to write to '/dev/cpuctl/cpu.shares': Invalid argument BUG: 28735908 Change-Id: I5ef359fb275792f99d13d35c62499026d354f6af Signed-off-by: Irina Patru <> (cherry picked from commit c560c6310fdb6f8d4a44b05c0d15cad7ac6f4bb1)
2016-07-11Add support for top-app stune group.Tim Murray
bug 29512132 Change-Id: I41ec2dd80a469309f48dbb59fc27fbe43fcd67b3
2016-07-07Update FIFO settings for new uses of FIFO.Tim Murray
Adjust FIFO timings as well as allow SurfaceFlinger to use FIFO. bug 24503801 Change-Id: I2c21d4c1788777c2d0d77227bb872701b35c4ff6
2016-06-21core/init.rc: Add /data/cache/* directory creationYueyao (Nathan) Zhu
Bug: 28845422 Change-Id: I2abcc67176cf94f34706f8f005a24ef5f70e0494
2016-06-03Create /data/ota_package for OTA packages.Tao Bao
We will store OTA packages there for both A/B and non-A/B OTAs. The directory will be accessed by GMSCore (for both), uncrypt (non-A/B), update_engine (A/B), update_verifier (A/B) and possibly system server (for non-A/B OTAs to clean up half-way uncrypt'd packages). Bug: 28944800 Change-Id: I5aa8156ec5052bd15dfadd4d8c28925d464e4401
2016-06-01add a property for controlling perf_event_paranoidDaniel Micay
(Cherry picked from commit 2b22a66382db8a2fdf5ed7a685085a6d7d67cf12) This adds a system property for controlling unprivileged access to perf_event_paranoid. It depends on adding kernel support for perf_event_paranoid=3 based on grsecurity's PERF_HARDEN feature to completely disable unprivileged access to perf. A minimal port of this feature is used in the vanilla Debian kernel by default. It hides the non-hardened value as an implementation detail, since while it is currently 1, it will probably become 2 in the future. Bug: 29054680 Change-Id: I6e3ae3cf18d8c76df94f879c34fb6fde519b89a9
2016-05-31add /data/misc/profman for outputDavid Sehr
Bug: 28748264 Change-Id: Ib57ccc570de446e03ea8c27ce8e404929138b213
2016-04-19Merge "Don't start defaultcrypto twice" into nyc-devPaul Lawrence
2016-04-18Don't start defaultcrypto twicePaul Lawrence
The old way (using triggers) starts defaultcrypto twice because queue_property_triggers_action retriggers the action. Bug: 27452459 Change-Id: I48c844836f551673d0dbfed6c33bd8ee1e035f40
2016-04-15Create legacy /data/system/user directory.Jeff Sharkey
We create per-user directories under this location, so it should only be created once by init, similar to all the other user-specific directories. Bug: 27896918 Change-Id: I9ec55e4fd763c0eda6c6e50483694a6377344586
2016-04-12init.rc: Restore the /mnt/sdcard symlinkNick Kralevich
"You are in a maze of twisty little symlinks, all alike." Restore the /mnt/sdcard symlink, for compatibility with older Android apps. This symlink was suppose to have been removed in the Gingerbread time frame, but lives on. Note: The /mnt/sdcard symlink was originally created in device specific *.rc files in the device/vendor/hardware/* directory. This change moves the creation of the symlink into the common init.rc file. Bug: 25801877 Bug: 28108983 Change-Id: I2f9bf71bddffadb587d7376dfdfc8a546c84ec28
2016-03-16Set up configfsDaniel Rosenberg
Bug: 19160983 Change-Id: I8fddf11fb6124950dfa2528a4f420abd9d461df6 Signed-off-by: Daniel Rosenberg <>
2016-03-04Add /postinstall partition when using the A/B updater.Alex Deymo
The new top level directory /postinstall is used by the A/B updater to mount the new partition and run a post-install program before rebooting into that new system. init.rc was extended to label this new directory since the initrd has no extended attributes. Bug: 27177071 TEST=`ls -laZ /` shows the /postinstall directory on edison-eng (cherry picked from commit bb968fb04db3ec5227e84571e1c6bfd265836085) Change-Id: Iff993135c7ce3a1a0f6450892ef7382da408fd5e
2016-03-01mkdir /data/misc/cameraserver for AVD's camera HALsKeun Soo Yim
cameraserver from nyc uses cameraserver as its username. thus this change is needed for AVD (android virtual device)'s camera HAL which is attached to cameraserver to work as that HAL writes some files to /data/misc/media. the backward compatibility issue should be handled as separate changes. this approach is preferred for finer-grained security isolation. Change-Id: If028667d62df8fcac634ff1001759c39703b00dd
2016-02-26Merge "Mount schedTune cgroup as /dev/stune" into nyc-devTodd Kjos
2016-02-23Restore audio tee sinkGlenn Kasten
Bug: 27323882 Change-Id: I1131c0537942c8f7cbf9ff6cc6847ab7e93e6187
2016-02-23Mount schedTune cgroup as /dev/stuneTodd Kjos
Make stune consistent with the other cgroups mounted under /dev Change-Id: I0fe7120ad2afbe8e6a3c9f72cc3f465de618d344
2016-02-22Merge "Create profiles folders" into nyc-devCalin Juravle
2016-02-19Temporary fix for bugreport symlink.Jeff Sharkey
Bug: 27262109 Change-Id: I011da38f8ad1eeaf717dc03a0fb6f9fdc5654c4c
2016-02-19Create profiles foldersCalin Juravle
Current profiles (the ones which have not been used for compilation) are stored in /data/misc/profiles/cur/0/pkgname/. Reference profiles (the merged of all user profiles, used for compilation) are stored in /data/misc/profiles/ref/pkgname/. Add a method to get the shared app gid from an uid or appid. Bug: 26719109 Bug: 26563023 Change-Id: I89601d7dbeb3041df882c141a9127dac200a645e
2016-02-08Fix libprocessgroup SELinux denials.Martijn Coenen
libprocessgroup checks whether it can use memory cgroups for keeping track of forked processes by seeing whether /dev/memcg/apps is writable. However, on systems with memory cgroups disabled, SELinux (correctly) no longer classifies this directory as a cgroup, and starts denying zygote access. To fix this, first check whether /dev/memcg/apps/tasks exists to see if the cgroup is mounted; only then check whether we can write to the directory. Bug: 27046965 Change-Id: I6e44cd62d8c396e20ceb162c50606b3e86f2cb3e
2016-02-06Follow migration of Shell app to DE storage.Jeff Sharkey
The Shell app that stores bugreports now lives under DE storage for all devices, both FBE and non-FBE. Bug: 26668510 Change-Id: Iead1dcb98181a5caccf4d0c1e86de62abc6dc990
2016-02-04User 0 directories are created by vold now.Jeff Sharkey
This ensures that all users on device follow a consistent path for setup and validation of encryption policy. Also add remaining user-specific directories and fix linking order. Bug: 25796509 Change-Id: I8c2e42a78569817f7f5ea03f54b743a6661fdb9c
2016-02-03Merge "init.rc: too many start logd" am: 989daeaf5bMark Salyzyn
am: d8e0e52099 * commit 'd8e0e520998e83ae16fcff317704bb6c00b7fb31': init.rc: too many start logd
2016-02-03Merge "init.rc: too many start logd"Mark Salyzyn
am: 989daeaf5b * commit '989daeaf5b2f50d96da69ad476adf434522e35e7': init.rc: too many start logd
2016-02-03Merge "Init: add OTA directory"Andreas Gampe
2016-02-02init.rc: too many start logdMark Salyzyn
Bug: 26934873 Change-Id: Ia00da6253a50bedc8ba825df1cf641b86cdebeed
2016-02-02Merge "Start debuggerd as soon as logd is up." am: 1b729b3e04Elliott Hughes
am: 1ef5b78a2f * commit '1ef5b78a2ffc471e5ac2e30b424f00d15d581a8c': Start debuggerd as soon as logd is up.
2016-02-02Merge "Start debuggerd as soon as logd is up."Elliott Hughes
am: 1b729b3e04 * commit '1b729b3e04b210d096ee2d447945f6b2c53b6029': Start debuggerd as soon as logd is up.
2016-02-02Start debuggerd as soon as logd is up.Elliott Hughes
Makes debugging early boot crashes easier. Bug: http://b/26918597 Change-Id: I5bb883f1350ea5f7a545cb0e9f1034ecfcf47cdb
2016-02-02Merge "Reuse mem cgroups for tracking forked PIDs."Martijn Coenen
2016-02-02Merge "Enable top-app cpuset support."Tim Murray
2016-02-01Enable top-app cpuset support.Tim Murray
Allows ActivityManager to use the top-app cpuset to grant the currently focused app exclusive access to a CPU core. Change-Id: I45bca5170477e413dec6e5889338399d0859706c
2016-02-01Merge "init.rc: add missing /dev/fd symlink" am: 54bf0718f4Greg Hackmann
am: ef605cb749 * commit 'ef605cb7495cec368f7be015f924479969dd8fc2': init.rc: add missing /dev/fd symlink
2016-02-01Merge "init.rc: add missing /dev/fd symlink"Greg Hackmann
am: 54bf0718f4 * commit '54bf0718f4eb1b170f55bbd07207cd6ad2e7e0f5': init.rc: add missing /dev/fd symlink
2016-02-01Reuse mem cgroups for tracking forked PIDs.Martijn Coenen
It turns out we were using the CPU accounting cgroups for keeping track of processes that were forked by an app without the framework's knowledge, so we could kill all of them reliably (see b/15313911 for context). Since we want to use memory cgroups for other purposes, we might as well use memory cgroups for tracking forked PIDs if they're enabled. This also gets us automatic cleanup of empty mem cgroups. Also, removed old mem cgroup mount point that is no longer used, as well as cgroup release agent code that we're not using. Change-Id: I69d5cc31c162ffa49ef6945755f41381e306cc8b