path: root/rootdir/init.rc
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-21init.rc: remove bg_non_interactive cgroup [ DO NOT MERGE ]Wei Wang
2016-12-12Allow bluetooth service to access bluetooth directory and add /logs (2/14)Ajay Panicker
2016-12-07change /data/bugreports to /bugreports am: 04bbd5c6ddNick Kralevich
2016-12-07change /data/bugreports to /bugreportsNick Kralevich
2016-12-07change /data/bugreports to /bugreportsNick Kralevich
2016-09-06Split fstab mount into 2 phasesWei Wang
2016-07-14Merge "Start update_verifier in cache group" into nyc-mr1-devTianjie Xu
2016-07-14Merge "core/init.rc: Add /data/cache/* directory creation" into nyc-mr1-devPat Tjin
2016-07-12Start update_verifier in cache groupTianjie Xu
2016-07-12Merge "Remove attempt to write sched_compat_yield" into nyc-mr1-devTreeHugger Robot
2016-07-11Merge "Add support for background stune group." into nyc-mr1-devTim Murray
2016-07-11Remove attempt to write sched_compat_yieldTim Kryger
2016-07-11Merge "init.rc: Remove cpu weight set on the root cgroup" into nyc-mr1-devTreeHugger Robot
2016-07-11Add support for background stune group.Tim Murray
2016-07-11init.rc: Remove cpu weight set on the root cgroupIrina Patru
2016-07-11Add support for top-app stune group.Tim Murray
2016-07-07Update FIFO settings for new uses of FIFO.Tim Murray
2016-06-21core/init.rc: Add /data/cache/* directory creationYueyao (Nathan) Zhu
2016-06-03Create /data/ota_package for OTA packages.Tao Bao
2016-06-01add a property for controlling perf_event_paranoidDaniel Micay
2016-05-31add /data/misc/profman for outputDavid Sehr
2016-04-19Merge "Don't start defaultcrypto twice" into nyc-devPaul Lawrence
2016-04-18Don't start defaultcrypto twicePaul Lawrence
2016-04-15Create legacy /data/system/user directory.Jeff Sharkey
2016-04-12init.rc: Restore the /mnt/sdcard symlinkNick Kralevich
2016-03-16Set up configfsDaniel Rosenberg
2016-03-04Add /postinstall partition when using the A/B updater.Alex Deymo
2016-03-01mkdir /data/misc/cameraserver for AVD's camera HALsKeun Soo Yim
2016-02-26Merge "Mount schedTune cgroup as /dev/stune" into nyc-devTodd Kjos
2016-02-23Restore audio tee sinkGlenn Kasten
2016-02-23Mount schedTune cgroup as /dev/stuneTodd Kjos
2016-02-22Merge "Create profiles folders" into nyc-devCalin Juravle
2016-02-19Temporary fix for bugreport symlink.Jeff Sharkey
2016-02-19Create profiles foldersCalin Juravle
2016-02-08Fix libprocessgroup SELinux denials.Martijn Coenen
2016-02-06Follow migration of Shell app to DE storage.Jeff Sharkey
2016-02-04User 0 directories are created by vold now.Jeff Sharkey
2016-02-03Merge "init.rc: too many start logd" am: 989daeaf5bMark Salyzyn
2016-02-03Merge "init.rc: too many start logd"Mark Salyzyn
2016-02-03Merge "Init: add OTA directory"Andreas Gampe
2016-02-02init.rc: too many start logdMark Salyzyn
2016-02-02Merge "Start debuggerd as soon as logd is up." am: 1b729b3e04Elliott Hughes
2016-02-02Merge "Start debuggerd as soon as logd is up."Elliott Hughes
2016-02-02Start debuggerd as soon as logd is up.Elliott Hughes
2016-02-02Merge "Reuse mem cgroups for tracking forked PIDs."Martijn Coenen
2016-02-02Merge "Enable top-app cpuset support."Tim Murray
2016-02-01Enable top-app cpuset support.Tim Murray
2016-02-01Merge "init.rc: add missing /dev/fd symlink" am: 54bf0718f4Greg Hackmann
2016-02-01Merge "init.rc: add missing /dev/fd symlink"Greg Hackmann
2016-02-01Reuse mem cgroups for tracking forked PIDs.Martijn Coenen