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2015-06-24am eaa97876: am 2e8d31f6: Merge "SANITIZE_TARGET: set global ASAN_OPTIONS"Evgenii Stepanov
2015-06-19SANITIZE_TARGET: set global ASAN_OPTIONSEvgenii Stepanov
2015-03-30Progress towards dynamic storage support.Jeff Sharkey
2015-03-17Switch init over to _PATH_DEFPATH.Elliott Hughes
2014-10-14resolved conflicts for merge of 3f95c89d to lmp-dev-plus-aospDmitriy Ivanov
2014-10-07Remove libsigchain from LD_PRELOADsDmitriy Ivanov
2014-08-07Export the new system_server classpath.Narayan Kamath
2014-05-15Add LD_PRELOAD for to the environmentDave Allison
2014-01-13Don't set LD_LIBRARY_PATH globally.Elliott Hughes
2013-07-24Generate init.environ.rc by populating BOOTCLASSPATHYing Wang