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2015-10-23Disable container overflow detect on target.Evgenii Stepanov
Container overflow annotations may cause false positives in partially instrumented binaries. Bug: 25228125, 25212198 Change-Id: Ic587d41698c02e306dece4ad7c6a2a8810c52dbd
2015-08-10Read global ASAN_OPTIONS from a file.Evgenii Stepanov
Instead of setting global ASAN_OPTIONS in immutable init.environ.rc, load them from a file that can be changed later. The file has to be on the /system partition to both be editable and available at the early stages of boot. Also add allocator_may_return_null=1 as that is closer to the non-ASan allocator behavior. Bug: 22846541 Change-Id: Ib0f41393c528f2e7cb398470e41f50abf5f4f455