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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-04Merge "metricsd: Create a brillo::MessageLoop."Alex Deymo
2016-02-04Unit tests: Compile only on 'eng' builds.Jorge Lucangeli Obes
2016-02-04metricsd: Create a brillo::MessageLoop.Alex Deymo
2016-02-02crash_reporter: Fix paths for kernel panic collectionSteve Fung
2016-01-28metricsd: Removing brillo::Any from weaved's public APIsAlex Vakulenko
2016-01-25Add BinPackArguments: false to .clang-formatAlex Deymo
2016-01-22metricsd: Add more assert clause.Bertrand SIMONNET
2016-01-20libmetrics: Update BASE_VERS to 369476Alex Vakulenko
2016-01-20crash_reporter/metricsd: Update libchrome APIs to r369476Alex Vakulenko
2016-01-19metricsd: Add tests to the default debug build.Bertrand SIMONNET
2016-01-19metricsd: Persist metrics on shutdown.Bertrand SIMONNET
2016-01-12metricsd: Persist the metrics to disk periodically.Bertrand SIMONNET
2016-01-12metricsd: Cleanup on TERM signal.Bertrand SIMONNET
2016-01-08metricsd: Split out the trait name from the command nameAlex Vakulenko
2016-01-07metrics: Switch to use Binder interface to weavedAlex Vakulenko
2016-01-07Merge "Fix documentation."Bertrand Simonnet
2016-01-06Fix documentation.Bertrand SIMONNET
2016-01-06Use specific users for metricsd/metrics_collector.Jorge Lucangeli Obes
2016-01-05metrics_collector: Fix build of testsTodd Poynor
2016-01-05Remove metrics collector service trampolineTodd Poynor
2016-01-04Disable RTTI in crash_reporter and metricsdAlex Vakulenko
2015-12-22metricsd: Replace scoped_ptr with unique_ptr.Bertrand SIMONNET
2015-12-16Fix metricsd to conform to the lastest server schemaAlex Vakulenko
2015-12-10metrics_collector: add libmetricscollectorservice binder serviceTodd Poynor
2015-12-10Merge "metricsd binder: Abort if fail to register service"Todd Poynor
2015-12-09metricsd binder: Abort if fail to register serviceTodd Poynor
2015-12-09metricsd: Update to use new component/trait APIs from weavedAlex Vakulenko
2015-12-08metricsd: Remove unused type declarationsAlex Vakulenko
2015-12-04metricsd: Allows introspecting the metrics.Bertrand SIMONNET
2015-12-04metrics: Remove user action logic.Bertrand SIMONNET
2015-12-03metricsd: Log over binder.Bertrand SIMONNET
2015-12-02metricsd: Add clang format config.Bertrand SIMONNET
2015-11-30metricsd: Use different directories for each daemon.Bertrand SIMONNET
2015-11-30metricsd: Specify directory for persistent integers.Bertrand SIMONNET
2015-11-18metricsd: Split into two daemons.Bertrand SIMONNET
2015-11-17metricsd: Don't upload if product id is empty.Bertrand SIMONNET
2015-11-13metricsd: Remove dead code.Bertrand SIMONNET
2015-11-12metricsd: Fix the update channel parsing logic.Bertrand SIMONNET
2015-11-10metricsd: Fix logging initialization.Bertrand SIMONNET
2015-11-06metricsd: add SendBoolToUMA to metrics interfaceNathan Bullock
2015-11-04metricsd: Collect average cpu usage information.Bertrand SIMONNET
2015-10-30metricsd: Report the model manifest id.Bertrand SIMONNET
2015-10-29Use GetBuildTime from libchrome instead of __DATE__Dan Willemsen
2015-10-27core: Rename libchromeos into libbrilloAlex Vakulenko
2015-10-15Merge "Update crash_reporter and metrics rc files to trigger on post-fs-data"Steve Fung
2015-10-14Update crash_reporter and metrics rc files to trigger on post-fs-dataSteve Fung
2015-10-14metricsd: Read build time values from etc/os-release.d.Bertrand SIMONNET
2015-10-13system/core: Rename "chromeos" -> "brillo" in include paths and namespacesAlex Vakulenko
2015-10-09Update metrics to use weaved's client libraryAlex Vakulenko
2015-10-09metricsd: Update weave command APIsAlex Vakulenko