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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-18Revert "libsuspend: move to exponential backoff"Tim Murray
2016-10-11libsuspend: move to exponential backoffTim Murray
2015-06-25Adds a parameter to the wakeup_callback to report sucessful wakeup or suspend...Ruchi Kandoi
2015-05-18Add TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY to libsuspend.Jeff Brown
2014-11-24Libsuspend: Remove unused variableAndreas Gampe
2014-05-22am 1291df76: am c5fa4b19: am 065c2706: Merge "libsuspend: Turn on -Werror"Mark Salyzyn
2014-05-21libsuspend: Turn on -WerrorMark Salyzyn
2014-04-12am 43cb7ae6: am 4f362e43: am 835526fd: Merge "Cleanup: warning fixit."Sasha Levitskiy
2014-04-11Cleanup: warning fixit.Sasha Levitskiy
2014-03-07Add ability to have a callback when wakeups happen.Dianne Hackborn
2014-03-04libsuspend: use wakeup count interface for system suspendTodd Poynor
2012-12-06am 76edb14f: am 2cc3527a: libsuspend: compile as a static libraryIliyan Malchev
2012-12-05libsuspend: compile as a static libraryIliyan Malchev
2012-11-20autosuspend_inited flag set even if initialization failsKyle Russell
2012-09-21libsuspend: force autosleep off during initColin Cross
2012-08-08am 67bdfa98: am d25b8502: Merge "Fix unused param warning"Stephen Hines
2012-08-02Fix unused param warningEdwin Vane
2012-06-14libsuspend: wait for earlysuspend transition to finishColin Cross
2012-06-07libsuspend: always unblock early suspendColin Cross
2012-05-07libsuspend: create new library to handle triggering suspendColin Cross