path: root/libprocessgroup
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-18Don't use mem cgroups for pid accounting.Martijn Coenen
2016-02-08Fix libprocessgroup SELinux denials.Martijn Coenen
2016-02-01Reuse mem cgroups for tracking forked PIDs.Martijn Coenen
2015-06-16processgroup: change the polling interval for killProcessGroup()Yusuke Sato
2015-03-27Remove uses of Albert
2014-12-29Fix missing #includes in system/core.Elliott Hughes
2014-11-20Fix format stringChih-Hung Hsieh
2014-11-17Make mkdirAndChown do what it claims to doBernhard Rosenkränzer
2014-10-15Fix issue #18000467: processgroup truncates bufferDianne Hackborn
2014-10-13Maybe fix issue #17969789: Shamu FR: Runtime restart while scrolling InstagramDianne Hackborn
2014-08-20processgroup: close directories opened by removeAllProcessGroups()Colin Cross
2014-07-09Add libprocessgroupColin Cross