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2016-01-22Use dlmalloc from external/dlmalloc instead of bionic/.Josh Gao
2015-12-15libpixelflinger: MIPS64 assembler test bug fixLjubomir Papuga
2015-11-23Add explicit cast to shut off clang warnings.Chih-Hung Hsieh
2015-11-20Add explicit cast to shut off clang warnings.Chih-Hung Hsieh
2015-11-10libpixelflinger: MIPS64r6 bug fixLjubomir Papuga
2015-11-06Revert "Revert "Add MIPS64r6 support for libpixelflinger""Elliott Hughes
2015-11-05Merge "Revert "Add MIPS64r6 support for libpixelflinger""Elliott Hughes
2015-11-05Revert "Add MIPS64r6 support for libpixelflinger"Elliott Hughes
2015-11-05Merge "Add MIPS64r6 support for libpixelflinger"Elliott Hughes
2015-10-29Add MIPS64r6 support for libpixelflingerLjubomir Papuga
2015-10-22Merge "Fix some compiler warnings in libpixelflinger."Elliott Hughes
2015-10-21Fix some compiler warnings in libpixelflinger.Elliott Hughes
2015-09-08resolved conflicts for 32d86587 to mnc-dr-dev-plus-aospNarayan Kamath
2015-09-02libutils: Fix integer overflows in VectorImpl.Narayan Kamath
2015-08-21To compile with llvm integrated assembler.Chih-Hung Hsieh
2015-03-19pixelflinger: make self-containedGreg Hackmann
2015-03-17Merge "pixelflinger: don't build static library"Greg Hackmann
2015-03-16Revert "pixelflinger: make self-contained"Paul Eastham
2015-03-12pixelflinger: don't build static libraryGreg Hackmann
2015-03-12pixelflinger: make self-containedGreg Hackmann
2015-01-24Remove obsolete BUILD_TINY_ANDROID.Elliott Hughes
2015-01-09Linux always has POSIX clocks available.Elliott Hughes
2014-12-03Remove dead code.Elliott Hughes
2014-12-03libpixelflinger should #define __ARM_HAVE_NEON.Elliott Hughes
2014-11-28Fix build.Dan Albert
2014-10-23Fix type cast error, should be char* not void*.Chih-Hung Hsieh
2014-10-06Add -no-integrated-as at local level.Chih-Hung Hsieh
2014-09-11Fix some clang compilation issues.Dan Albert
2014-07-31[MIPSR6] Skip pixelflinger, memset assembler code on mips32r6Duane Sand
2014-06-26Build pixelflinger tests as native tests, not executables.Narayan Kamath
2014-06-19pixelflinger: Use pointer arithmetic to determine cache flush parametersAshok Bhat
2014-06-03[MIPS64] Use generic cpu-independent libpixelflinger for mips64Duane Sand
2014-05-22Judge mmap failed by MAP_FAILED instead of NULLHurri Lu
2014-04-11Cleanup: warning fixit.Sasha Levitskiy
2014-03-06Fix the build for NEON in libpixelflingerKévin PETIT
2014-02-26Fix the handling of CodeCache return codes in pixelflingerKévin PETIT
2014-02-20Fix compiler warnings in libpixelflingerAshok Bhat
2014-02-11pixelflinger: support multilib buildsColin Cross
2014-02-11pixelflinger: use __builtin___clear_cache instead of cacheflushColin Cross
2014-01-24Use <stdint.h> for INT32_MIN and INT32_MAX.Elliott Hughes
2014-01-23system/core: rename aarch64 target to arm64Colin Cross
2013-12-12Pixelflinger: Add AArch64 support to pixelflinger JIT.Ashok Bhat
2013-12-12Pixelflinger: Support for handling 64-bit addresses in GGL AssemblerAshok Bhat
2013-12-12Pixelflinger: Fix issue of pointers being stored in intsAshok Bhat
2013-11-25libpixelflinger: do not use anonymous structssynergy dev
2013-04-09Add liblogYing Wang
2013-04-01move tinyutils into its own namespaceMathias Agopian
2012-08-29Remove unnecessary compiler pragma.Ian Rogers
2012-08-27Merge "Add MIPS support to pixelflinger."Jean-Baptiste Queru
2012-08-20Upgrade to dlmalloc 2.8.5.Ian Rogers