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2016-03-10Add error reporting mechanism for failing Unwind.Christopher Ferris
2016-03-02Revert "Do not do local unwinds through .oat or .dex maps."Andreas Gampe
2016-03-01Do not do local unwinds through .oat or .dex maps.Christopher Ferris
2016-02-05Fix use of uninitialized memory.Christopher Ferris
2016-02-01Fix for host simpleperf 'gettid' unsat.Than McIntosh
2016-01-25Put BacktraceOffline code into a separate library.Christopher Ferris
2016-01-15Modify tests to use executable memory.Christopher Ferris
2015-12-08libbacktrace: check if elf file paths are valid before reading them.Yabin Cui
2015-12-07Fix libbacktrace host build.Yabin Cui
2015-12-04Track rename of base/ to android-base/.Elliott Hughes
2015-11-30Change the way some maps are printed.Christopher Ferris
2015-09-24libbacktrace: don't let llvm cflags cover libbacktrace's cflags.Yabin Cui
2015-09-23Merge "Clean up maps parsing in libbacktrace."Elliott Hughes
2015-09-22libbacktrace: enable -fno-omit-frame-pointer for host build.Yabin Cui
2015-09-22Clean up maps parsing in libbacktrace.Elliott Hughes
2015-09-22Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Add BacktraceOffline for offline backtracing....Yabin Cui
2015-09-22Revert "Revert "Revert "Add BacktraceOffline for offline backtracing."""Yabin Cui
2015-09-21Revert "Revert "Add BacktraceOffline for offline backtracing.""Yabin Cui
2015-09-17Revert "Add BacktraceOffline for offline backtracing."Yabin Cui
2015-09-16Add BacktraceOffline for offline backtracing.Yabin Cui
2015-09-03Add a logging handler on timeout.Christopher Ferris
2015-08-20Display the map offset for each frame.Christopher Ferris
2015-07-09Use delete[] to de-allocate pointers from new[]Pirama Arumuga Nainar
2015-07-02Add static versions for libbacktrace and libnativebridge. Bug fixes.Calin Juravle
2015-06-12Remove PtraceRead error message.Christopher Ferris
2015-06-01Modify the code to avoid potential deadlocks.Christopher Ferris
2015-05-14Prevent crashes if a map cannot be created.Christopher Ferris
2015-05-12Add tests for elf unwinding in memory.Christopher Ferris
2015-05-06Fix small ptrace reads.Christopher Ferris
2015-05-06Add offset to map data.Christopher Ferris
2015-05-01Add load base to map for relocation packing.Christopher Ferris
2015-04-30Fix unused argument error on darwinColin Cross
2015-04-30Remove libbacktrace dependency on libcutilsColin Cross
2015-04-30Remove libbacktrace definition of gettid.Dan Albert
2015-04-15Remove libunwind-ptrace dependency.Christopher Ferris
2015-04-02Update the test for better output on error.Christopher Ferris
2015-04-01Discards frames for code within library.Christopher Ferris
2015-03-31Merge "Refactor the code."Christopher Ferris
2015-03-31Merge "Add -Wno-inline-asm to Clang flags."Stephen Hines
2015-03-31Refactor the code.Christopher Ferris
2015-03-31Add -Wno-inline-asm to Clang flags.Stephen Hines
2015-03-27Remove uses of Albert
2015-03-26Libbacktrace: Use frame-pointer on hostAndreas Gampe
2015-03-17Add variable length read to Backtrace.Christopher Ferris
2015-02-06Move map data into backtrace data proper.Christopher Ferris
2015-02-05Remove link to gccdemangle.Christopher Ferris
2014-12-12Cleanup libbacktrace Android.mkTrevor Drake
2014-11-14Convert futex to cond wait.Christopher Ferris
2014-11-13Add LOCAL_MULTILIB := both to Darwin libbacktrace.Dan Albert
2014-11-11Remove the stlport linked libbacktrace.Dan Albert