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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-03-28Clarify a few things about bootcharts.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-28Further cleanup of the logic in device_init.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-28Fix clang build by removing unused locals.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-28Log more timing information from init.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-24init: missing break statementMark Salyzyn
2015-03-23Add missing parenthesis in init log message.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-22Fix the number of arguments for verity commandsSami Tolvanen
2015-03-20Always use strerror to report errno.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-21Merge "Ensure all init commands are documented."Elliott Hughes
2015-03-20Ensure all init commands are documented.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-20Merge "init: refactor firmware loading locations into table"Daniel Rosenberg
2015-03-20Use unique_ptr to call closedir.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-20init: refactor firmware loading locations into tableDaniel Rosenberg
2015-03-20Clean up property setting code.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-20Merge "Lose bootmode and console globals."Elliott Hughes
2015-03-20Merge "Add init command to set verified properties"Sami Tolvanen
2015-03-20Lose bootmode and console globals.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-19Parse boot properties from device treeRom Lemarchand
2015-03-19Merge "Remove /proc/cpuinfo parsing"Elliott Hughes
2015-03-19Add init command to set verified propertiesSami Tolvanen
2015-03-19Merge "Remove useless memset from init."Elliott Hughes
2015-03-18Remove useless memset from init.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-18Remove chroot from init.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-17Switch init over to _PATH_DEFPATH.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-16Revert "Revert "Create libbase.""Dan Albert
2015-03-16Revert "Create libbase."Nicolas Geoffray
2015-03-15Remove chdir from init.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-15Document mkdir behavioural changeJohan Redestig
2015-03-15Merge "Document the mount option string in the readme.txt"Elliott Hughes
2015-03-15Document the mount option string in the readme.txtNiklas Tibbling
2015-03-14Create libbase.Dan Albert
2015-03-14Remove /proc/cpuinfo parsingRom Lemarchand
2015-03-13Remove obsolete setkey.Elliott Hughes
2015-03-13Remove getsebool/setsebool from init and toolbox.Stephen Smalley
2015-03-11builtins: remove setenforce commandNick Kralevich
2015-03-11Fix a printf format string (caught by clang but not GCC).Elliott Hughes
2015-03-11Merge "Implement exec."Elliott Hughes
2015-03-06Fix outdated comments in Hughes
2015-03-04Merge "Add init support for dm-verity logging mode"Sami Tolvanen
2015-03-04Add init support for dm-verity logging modeSami Tolvanen
2015-02-25Implement exec.Elliott Hughes
2015-02-24init: run bootchart and display resultsMark Salyzyn
2015-02-17Move sprintf to snprintf.Yabin Cui
2015-02-13Remove unused variable BOOTCHART_DEFAULT_TIME_SEC.Elliott Hughes
2015-02-13Further refactoring of the bootchart code.Elliott Hughes
2015-02-12bootchart: fix bootchart can not be triggered problemYongqin Liu
2015-02-07Bump do_write buffer sizeJohan Redestig
2015-02-06Clean up reading and writing in init.Elliott Hughes
2015-02-04Stop using #if for conditional compilation.Elliott Hughes
2015-02-04Use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY, always build bootchart.cpp.Elliott Hughes