path: root/include/usbhost/usbhost.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-01-13libusbhost: add usb_device_resetKeun-young Park
2015-04-29libusbhost: Add usb_device_get_version()Mike Lockwood
2014-01-13libusbhost: Add usb_device_set_configuration and usb_device_set_interfaceMike Lockwood
2012-12-10libusbhost: permits client polling on inotify wdGuillaume Ranquet
2011-02-14libusbhost: Save endpoint ID in usb_request structMike Lockwood
2011-01-27libusbhost: Add call for synchronous bulk transfersMike Lockwood
2011-01-22libusbhost: Add usb_device_connect_kernel_driver()Mike Lockwood
2011-01-07libusbhost: Tweak comments.Mike Lockwood
2011-01-06libusbhost: Support for multiple pending requests on a single endpointMike Lockwood
2010-12-29libusbhost: Add usb_device_get_name_from_unique_id()Mike Lockwood
2010-12-13libusbhost: Add accessor for the USB device descriptorMike Lockwood
2010-12-13libusbhost: Add support for creating a usb_device struct from an existing fdMike Lockwood
2010-12-09libusbhost: add usb chapter 9 include to usbhost.hErik Gilling
2010-07-27libusbhost: add usb_device_get_unique_id_from_name()Mike Lockwood
2010-07-24libusbhost: Add usb_device_send_control for sending raw commands on endpoint 0.Mike Lockwood
2010-07-20libusbhost: Add callback to usb_host_run to notify when initial device discov...Mike Lockwood
2010-07-01libusbhost: The client is now responsible for creating the thread that monito...Mike Lockwood
2010-06-01libusbhost: Added usb_device_get_unique_idMike Lockwood
2010-05-25libusbhost: Remove global data to allow multiple instances in the same process.Mike Lockwood
2010-05-12libusbhost: add usb_endpoint_get_device()Mike Lockwood
2010-05-10libusbhost: new library for Linux USB host support.Mike Lockwood