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2016-04-06graphics.h: Add android_hdr_tDan Stoza
2016-03-28Merge "Rename single buffer mode to shared buffer mode" into nyc-devPablo Ceballos
2016-03-24graphics.h: Add android_color_transform_tDan Stoza
2016-03-17Rename single buffer mode to shared buffer modePablo Ceballos
2016-02-24keep legacy HAL_DATASPACE enums unchangedLajos Molnar
2016-02-20Merge "Add the setAutoRefresh interface in ANativeWindow" into nyc-devPablo Ceballos
2016-02-09Add the setAutoRefresh interface in ANativeWindowPablo Ceballos
2016-02-10Expand HAL_DATASPACE to include range, standard and transfer bitfieldsLajos Molnar
2016-02-03graphics: Include stddef.h for size_t.Mattias Nissler
2016-01-28Merge "Name the pixel format and transform enums" am: 53529ecacdDan Stoza
2015-12-17Name the pixel format and transform enumsDan Stoza
2015-12-17Add comment to keep enum in sync.Robert Carr
2015-11-05Add emergency announcement to definitions.Sanket Agarwal
2015-11-03Expose setSingleBufferMode in ANativeWindowPablo Ceballos
2015-07-14graphics: update flexible YUV format gralloc requirementYin-Chia Yeh
2015-06-08Camera: Add new set video format/dataspace commandEino-Ville Talvala
2015-05-26Graphics depth formats: Add confidence valuesEino-Ville Talvala
2015-04-28ANativeWindow: Add NATIVE_WINDOW_BUFFER_AGE queryDan Stoza
2015-04-24media: reserve color formats used by flex-YUV422/444 and RGB/A888Lajos Molnar
2015-04-15am a197c3b7: am 3ec9c17f: am 04274a29: Merge "Add NATIVE_WINDOW_SET_SURFACE_D...Dan Stoza
2015-04-03Move audio includes to system/media/audioRom Lemarchand
2015-04-02Merge "audio.h: add AUDIO_FORMAT_DTS"Phil Burk
2015-04-01audio.h: add AUDIO_FORMAT_DTSPhil Burk
2015-03-31Merge "graphics: add android raw12 format"Yin-Chia Yeh
2015-03-30graphics: add android raw12 formatYin-Chia Yeh
2015-03-25Merge "Fix comment in audio definitions header"Jean-Michel Trivi
2015-03-24Fix comment in audio definitions headerJean-Michel Trivi
2015-03-19DO NOT MERGE Add ANativeWindow dataSpace; update graphics formats, color spacesEino-Ville Talvala
2015-03-13Definitions for broadcast radio.Eric Laurent
2015-03-10Merge "Fix comment on AUDIO_FORMAT_PCM_SUB_8_24_BIT"Andy Hung
2015-03-10Fix comment on AUDIO_FORMAT_PCM_SUB_8_24_BITAndy Hung
2015-03-04Add ANativeWindow dataSpace; update graphics formats, color spacesEino-Ville Talvala
2015-02-02Adding name field to AudioPort for enum/select API.Paul McLean
2015-01-22camera: add external camera facing enumZhijun He
2014-12-09audio: add usage "virtual source" to audio attributes.Eric Laurent
2014-11-24audio: new stream typesEric Laurent
2014-10-06 modified AUDIO_SOURCE_FM_TUNER enum value for FM featureCarson Liao
2014-09-25[AU] Update volume setting and Audio Device API 3.0Hochi Huang
2014-09-19audio: add HW hotword capture flagEric Laurent
2014-09-10audio.h: Add "safe speaker" device for limited-loudness use casesJon Eklund
2014-08-09Merge "Tunneled Video Playback support" into lmp-devRachad
2014-08-05audio: add defines for audio HW sync sourceEric Laurent
2014-08-04Tunneled Video Playback supportRachad
2014-08-03sound_trigger HAL updateEric Laurent
2014-07-28audio: define type for unique audio Ids.Eric Laurent
2014-07-28audio: add audio device address helper functionEric Laurent
2014-07-28audio: move struct audio_config definition to audio.hEric Laurent
2014-07-27Define new audio attribute flag: beaconJean-Michel Trivi
2014-07-25graphics: update raw10 to allow padding between rowsZhijun He